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Gigi has never really wanted a relationship, but now that he is five-months pregnant, he wants a father for his upcoming child. Gigi got pregnant with a casual heat partner and neither man is interested in more together. So Gigi goes to the Perfect Match agency hoping they can match him with an alpha who is both a good fit for him, as well as someone willing to help raise Gigi’s child. Gigi’s good friend had great success with the agency, so he is optimistic about his chances. But what Gigi doesn’t expect is to be matched with an alpha couple.

Adrien and Frederick are deeply in love and long-time partners. They would love to start a family and sign up for Perfect Match hoping to find an omega to love. The men find themselves immediately drawn to Gigi. Not only is there intense physical attraction among the three of them, but they seem compatible in every other way as well. Each date brings the men closer together and Adrien and Frederick are eager to take their relationship with Gigi even deeper.

However, Gigi didn’t come in this relationship expecting to fall in love. He just hoped for someone compatible with whom to raise a child. And he definitely didn’t expect to fall in love with two people. Even as everything in Gigi is urging him to move forward, he tries to rein in his desire for Frederick and Adrien and make sure they are really the best match for him and his upcoming child. Frederick and Adrien are all in and ready for a life with Gigi. Now, Gigi has to decide if he is ready to take a chance on two men who could be perfect for him.

Double Match by Roe Horvat is the latest installment in the multi-author Perfect Match Agency series. Actually, this is part of a second wave of stories, officially Perfect Match Agency: Springtime, with an expanded group of authors. However, both collections read like the same series and focus on the agency using their special algorithm to match up alphas and omegas. Gigi also appears in Faraway Match from the first collection, as the best friend of one of the main characters. So these books can be read in generally any order (with a couple of exceptions) and you should be able to jump in here with no problems.

As with Horvat’s other Perfect Match books, this one is a highly erotic omegaverse story. We get a set up where we follow along as Gigi learns about being matched with two alphas, then see the men all meet for the first time. The sex is pretty immediate and very frequent, as they are all incredibly drawn to each other and basically can’t keep their hands off each other for long. Adrien and Frederick are pretty much all in right away, as they fall hard for Gigi and love the idea of bringing him into their relationship for good. But Gigi tries to keep more of a level head and a slow pace, wanting to be sure that this relationship is what will be best for his future baby. That said, there is not much angst here and mostly this story focuses on how much the three men adore each other and how hot they make each other.

We also meet Gigi’s father, who it turns out is also a Perfect Match agency customer. I am curious if his story is coming (or maybe it is already out somewhere?), but I couldn’t find it if it was. That said, I’d love to read more about him if Horvat decides to give him his own story.

The only thing that didn’t really work for me here is that the agency asks Gigi if they can interview him about his relationship given that this is the first time they have matched an omega with two alphas. After each date, Gigi gets a phone call where they ask him all these questions. I kept waiting for this to turn into something more, especially as at one point Gigi realizes the agency never asked Frederick and Adrien if they would agree to having their relationship analyzed in this way. Honestly, I kept assuming this was going to lead to some sort of conflict, maybe something nefarious. But it turns out to be nothing and I am not sure why we spend all this time listening to Gigi recap these dates that we just saw play out on page. Maybe it was to give Gigi someone to talk to about things, since Frederick and Adrien have each other. But we see Gigi confide in his father, and we know from an earlier book that he has friends, so I don’t know why he would need this stranger asking him questions just to work out his thoughts. I just felt like this whole plot element was sort of out of place and not needed.

I find this series to be entertaining and a nice escape when I am looking for a sexy, fun, omegaverse book. Horvat is so good with high-heat stories and I enjoyed this latest installment in the series.

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