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Delton feels the Hightower pack is the right place for him, and that’s only solidified the moment he meets Adar. Instantly, Delton realizes Adar is his mate. But Adar doesn’t seem to feel the same connection. That’s okay by Delton though, as he knows they have plenty of time. But when Adar meets Oliver, Delton’s hopes are dashed. Clearly Adar is meant for Oliver and not him. He does his best to keep his feeling hidden, knowing he can never have who he wants. He goes about his life helping the pack, and especially the omegas heal, in his capacity as a psychiatrist. It’s all he can do.

Adar’s world is turned upside down when the hurt and broken omega dragons show up. Oliver is his, he knows that, but Oliver was beaten and abused for years. Adar is patient though, willing to wait however long it takes for Oliver to be ready. In the meantime, he will keep watch, protecting Oliver from a distance and doing everything he can to make sure Oliver feels safe.

And Oliver does feel safe, knowing Adar is always there but never pushing. When his heat approaches, there’s no one he would want more than Adar to help him through it. But the intensity of his heats scare him, and he’s been horribly abused because of it in the past. Oliver can’t make himself use words, and that only adds to the problem. But Adar is honored when Oliver asks, and goes to Delton for help. Delton knows it’ll break his heart to watch Adar with another, but he can never say no to Adar. After a successful heat, Adar wants to keep his relationship with Oliver moving forward. But he needs impact play, specifically being on the receiving end, in order to feel settled. Adar knows he can never ask Oliver for that, given the omega’s past. But Delton can, and is willing, to help.

It doesn’t take long for Oliver to realize the depth of Delton’s feelings for Adar. And even though Adar doesn’t seem to see Delton that way, and Oliver doesn’t feel the same pull to Delton either, he can’t let the idea go that the three of them are meant to be. When Oliver lets the truth slip, it throws the three of them into turmoil as they try to figure out how to move forward.

Meanwhile, Rhene and Erwan travel to the Dragon Council to assert their claim as the True Doyle Clan. While they find support in unexpected places, they also encounter more atrocities. Rhene and Erwan are determined to not only get what they want, but also save countless more omegas. When tragedy strikes back home, Erwan must leave urgently. And the best way to do that is to leave Rhene behind, even though neither man wants that. While Erwan makes it home, and the power from the ensuing events heals more than they expected, Rhene faces peril no one saw coming.

First things first, Irresistible Dragons is a series that must be read in order, as the through plot continues to evolve with each story. The story also ends in a cliffhanger, which is to be expected at this point in the series, and both the main throuple, as well as the metaplot, end without resolution here.

As a reader, I’ve been looking forward to Adar’s story since he was mentioned way back in the Irresistible Omegas series. Though it’s not necessary to have read that series before reading this one, it definitely adds some depth to the experience, especially with the first book in the Dragons series, as well as the cameos from the Hayes Pack. But Adar was not more than a side character, albeit with an interesting twist. We’ve known for a book or two that Oliver is his, and definitely since the last book that Delton thinks Adar is his mate. So knowing that Adar is into impact play, it was always a question as to how Phoenix would handle that, given the dynamic between them. I really enjoyed this aspect, and how it was handled.

Oliver was horribly abused by the Murphy clan Alphas, and when he first shows up, he’s in a terrible state. He’s begun healing, but it’s a slow process, and his selective mutism only adds to that. Oliver can’t bring himself to speak, and it’s heartbreaking. I wanted to see him heal, and I loved the way Adar looked out for him without being pushy. That, plus a little bit of magic, helped Oliver more than anything else.

But for me, perhaps the most heartbreaking situation, was Delton’s. He’s the pack psychiatrist, and he excels at it. More than that, he’s truly passionate about it. But it puts him in an untenable situation with his own mate. Loving Adar from afar, watching Adar with Oliver, and then needing, and even wanting, to help the pair, while dealing with his own feelings really tugged on my heartstrings. While the three are left in a good place, it’s just the barest hint of beginning and, for me, I would have liked to see them a little more solid, considering the height of the cliff Phoenix left readers on. I’m also hoping to see a little more explanation as to how these three are fated, when clearly the emotions aren’t there between all of them. Given the world, it felt slightly incongruous. But I’m holding faith it will be explained satisfactorily.

As usual, I think Phoenix did a good job bouncing back and forth between the romance aspects and the rest of the plot. It’s been building for some time, and while one part is resolved, a whole new host of problems emerge. For me, there were times when the pacing was a little slow in regards to the Dragon Council parts of the story, and then the ending came up too quickly. Though it was clear to me what was going to happen, especially with Rhene, the why behind it was a nice surprise. In that, I didn’t expect the twist, and that’s always a good thing.

All in all, this one is another winner for me. The world building is complex and inventive and continues to evolve as the characters learn more. Given the way the multi-character cast is presented throughout the series, it’s easy to be invested with each new romance. I’m not sure how many books the author has planned, but there are plenty of characters I’d love to see find their HEA. The danger ramps up for our characters as their rivals continue to try and take them down. I’m very much looking forward to the next book, and what the author has in store for this series.