Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel


From the moment they met in jail, Owen and Tyler became inseparable. Owen always looked out for Tyler and, when Owen was released, he made a place for them at Redemption Ridge. Tyler followed and, for the past six years, they’ve been best friends. Where one goes, the other follows. But Tyler doesn’t understand where his recent emotions and unsettled feelings are coming from. Until someone helpfully points it out, Tyler doesn’t realize that he doesn’t just love Owen, he’s in love with him.

A moment between the two men changes everything, and they’re finally able to admit their feelings. Though they take things slowly physically, their hearts are all in. But both men have baggage from their past, and they have wounds that need healing. Insecurities raise their heads, but the men work through it. And they support each other working through trauma from their families and childhoods. The love between Owen and Tyler is steady and solid, and now they just have to figure out their forever.

This book, more than the others in the Redemption Ridge series, really needs to be read in order. While I suggest that this whole series works best when reading them all, in this case, much of Tyler and Owen’s development happens in the background of the first three books. As readers, we’ve seen them interact and what the other MCs have observed, and it sets the stage for this love story.

I’m a big fan of this series and I adore the found family that Walker has created with this world. There’s hurt and pain, and a lot of love and healing. This book is on the softer side, and really is a tale of two men who have finally reached a place in their lives where they can have it all. And with the solid love between them, they can work on healing the hurts of the past and moving forward.

I’ve been anticipating Tyler and Owen’s story from early on and really enjoyed watching the two of them together. I love the way they love each other, support each other, and take care of one another. In that way, I truly enjoyed their story and the anticipation paying off. They’re both big hearted men, and I loved the way they saw the best in each other and brought it to light. There’s definitely childhood trauma they need to work through, but both men are already on their way to healing. With the help of each other, they take those final steps.

But at the same time, this is sort of a transition story. Now that the major secondary plotline of the first three books is wrapped up, this was a straight up love story. It does set the stage, in some ways, for the final book in the series, which I’m also very much looking forward to. I really enjoyed seeing Tyler and Owen finally find their way to each other and begin their happily ever after. And though I don’t want the series to end, I very much want to see the final pairing get their HEA too.