Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Liam has finally found someone that he can’t stop looking at. He is different than anyone Liam has ever been attracted to because Sebastian (“Bash”) is a man and Liam has never been attracted to a man before. Bash is tall and muscular and always scowling and Liam wants Bash’s tattooed hands all over him. But Bash has no interest in pretty boy Liam and Liam can’t even get Bash to make eye contact with him in the gym.

Bash is a personal trainer and knows that Liam has a crush on him. Bash doesn’t date and is not into relationships and doesn’t even know what to do with Liam’s continued attention. But Bash can give them what they both want when he takes Liam home to bed. But then Bash is showing Liam the door immediately and that goodbye is a little harder than Bash expected and he starts to feel bad when he learns that it was Liam’s first time with a man. Liam is sensitive and, while Bash is abrasive, Liam continues to want him and Bash realizes that being with Liam might just be what he needs.

I liked the description of this book and that it was the start of a new series for a group of friends and roommates. Liam is a baseball player in college and the book opens as he finds his girlfriend cheating on him. Liam is embarrassed about being cheated on and he keeps it mostly to himself, like most things in his life. Liam does not want to play baseball. He has been forced into his entire life by his father and he hates the game and hates the strict diets his father has imposed and he doesn’t like his father too much at this point either. He shares a room in an apartment with his best friend, Cade, and there have been struggles lately in their relationship that Liam doesn’t understand—not that he’s trying too hard. Liam’s life is turned upside down when he lays eyes on Bash.

Bash is a trainer at the gym and he’s gruff and abrasive. He knows Liam is crushing on him, so he invites him over. It was difficult for me to like Bash at first. Liam really doesn’t know what will happen when he goes with Bash, and Bash has no idea that Liam has never been with a man before. Even so, Bash is so callous that he shoves Liam out the door the moment they are finished. Liam is once again embarrassed, but he can’t give up on Bash because he can’t stop thinking about him.

Bash likes how pretty Liam is and he doesn’t understand that Liam wants to be with him in and out of bed. But Liam really wants to get Bash in bed again. This book has many intimate scenes that are used to further their relationship and Liam needs many things from Bash all of the time.

Given all the time the men spent in bed, the larger storylines felt wedged in at times. There is a storyline with both Liam and Bash’s families and both felt unresolved. There is storyline with Liam and Cade that is unresolved and even though Cade will get his own book, there were too many loose ends here, especially when we see Liam and Bash years down the road. Also, the epilogues show us the progression of their relationship, but don’t get into specifics of what the men are currently doing individually. I liked the story of Liam and Bash, but I felt the balance of the different parts of the story to be uneven. However, several characters were introduced and I look forward to reading their stories.