Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Save Me is the third and final book of the Forgive Me series by A. Nash. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal storylines from the series.

Vitari and Francis are together again, but on the run. They both know they want to be together, but Vitari certainly feels that he is not good enough for Father Francis. Francis wants a quiet life with Vitari, but Vitari isn’t exactly a 9-to-5 guy and right now there are many dangerous people after them. Vitari never intended for Francis to find out about the guns and he never intended for him to see the piles of money, but Vitari is trying to provide for their future the only way he knows how. However, the deal goes bad, leaving Vitari and Francis injured and on the run again.

But there is no place left to run and everyone wants to get their hands on the men—for ransom, for revenge, for blood. And just when the men have bared their souls to each and know their future is together, Francis reveals the secret he’s been keeping from Vitari, leaving Vitari wondering where Francis’ allegiance lies. The men still have a score to settle with the mafia world and all those that hurt them as children and the last thing anyone should have done is underestimate this pair.

I was waiting for this last book in Nash’s Forgive Me series and Vitari and Francis are one of my most favorite couples from this author. The book has everything in it; it’s fast paced, yet still has plenty of scenes of the men together and there’s just the right amount of violence for me for this type of story.

The men want to be together and they want to put the past to rest, but there are things they need to do in order to make those that hurt them pay. For all of Vitari’s bravado and swagger, underneath is the abused boy that wants to cleanse his soul and get his retribution, but he also wants to end the nightmare he has found himself in. He truly has no idea what Francis sees in him and Francis is everything to him. The character growth, especially on Francis’ part, and the relationship growth is amazing to see over the course of this series.

The larger story of their past and their connection to that carries through the series and we learn more about how Vitari’s fate was sealed all those years ago. The reveal was a little too convenient for me with how the information was uncovered and that was the only drawback of the book for me.

This is one of my favorite series from Nash and I would read more to simply see Vitari and Francis enjoying their hard won happily ever after. I do hope to see more of them in the future, as well as more contemporary from this author, as this series was a fabulous ride.