Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Andrew had a difficult childhood with a mother that was always moving him and his sister, Stacey, from place to place, often in the middle of the night. When his mom died a few years ago, it was just him and Stacey, and Andrew did his best to protect his sister and take care of her. The only other family that Andrew knew of was his grandmother, but his mother always told them that she wanted nothing to do with them. When Andrew gets a notice that his grandmother has died, he’s shocked to learn that he has inherited a commercial building. Andrew thinks that once he sells the building, he and Stacey can be on the right path. But Andrew has never been to Rosewood.

Damon is a witch and feels responsible to be the guardian of the residents of Rosewood. He bakes during the day and casts charms to protect his friends. Damon is in a rough place now that his mentor and dear friend has died, and Damon’s world further is disrupted when Andrew appears in town. At first glance, the men loathe each other, but there is also an undeniable current pulling them together. But Andrew wants to leave Rosewood as fast as possible and Damon’s first priority is protecting his home. When the men are together, magic happens, but Damon’s secrets and Andrew’s insecurities may push them apart for good unless they open up and let each other in.

This book hooked me with talk of a bakery and magic in a small town. This is also a new-to-me author and the start of a new series. I am the type of reader that picks up on small details, so I initially wasn’t sure how this book would play out when in the first scene Andrew’s sister, Stacey, is actively polishing her nails and then immediately runs her hands through her hair to discuss its color. Those types of continuity issues can set the mood for a book so early on, but it did then smooth out regarding details like that.

Andrew and his sister are each other’s only family. Their mother moved them around constantly and they never got the full story of why their grandmother didn’t want to anything to do with them. Now that they are going to Rosewood, Andrew’s only thought is to get in and out as fast as possible and sell the building he inherited. He really has no idea what he is walking into though.

I liked this story and I liked the characters and I liked the town of Rosewood. The world building, however, wasn’t there for me. There is never any explanation of the magic and there are non-human residents of Rosewood and that is not explained either. Andrew has an issue with telling the truth and when his sister wants to open a bakery in town, Andrew takes all the burden on himself. The bakery endeavor felt off for me as well, as Stacey just decided she wants to have a bakery. She has no experience running a business, admits she has no idea what it entails, and doesn’t even know that there is already a bakery in the same building.

Yet through all of this, the relationship between Andrew and Damon shines. They start out in all the wrong ways, but slowly get past that and they are sweet and magical together, just as the title implies. While I would have liked more explanation on the world and a tighter narrative in some areas, I was charmed by Damon and the town of Rosewood and look forward to visiting again as the series continues.