Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Tazãr Bao is an expert Exorcist for the Guild of Magic. When his latest assignment has him confronting an Alpha Demon, Tazãr is excited, as he has never encountered one before, nor he has ever encountered someone like Inuel Morhh. Sure, the demon is on the wrong side of the law, but the way the man looks and moves has put Tazãr under his spell.

Inuel has got himself caught up in illegal activities that are spiraling out of control. When Tazãr connects their magic to give Inuel a warning, they find their magic is compatible in so many ways and the men act on it almost immediately. They spend a year together, mostly in bed, and then inexplicably Inuel leaves without a word, leaving Tazãr broken hearted.

It’s now over two years later and Tazãr is on his way for a month-long rest to recuperate his magic as ordered by the Guild. When he arrives, the last man he expects to see is Inuel. Tazãr wants to be mad, and he is, but Inuel needs help. Tazãr wants to keep his distance, but the chemistry and the magic between them are still there and stronger than ever. The men are now alone together and they have to clear up the past in a place where they cannot lie to see if they can get the future they never dreamed would be possible.

This isn’t the first time I am going to tell you how much I like Kasia Bacon’s writing. She excels at creating a complete story in a shorter length here, and there is magic between Tazãr and Inuel. This book is listed as part of the Order Universe, but it does stand alone.

Tazãr’s role as an exorcist is more patrolling magical law than what you might think of when you hear the word exorcist. The men are opposites in most ways and on the opposite side of the law, but Inuel has gotten himself over his head. Tazãr is mesmerized by the demon, but he still performs his job and then the men act on their attraction.

We see them again a few years later when Tazãr is still heartbroken at the loss of Inuel with no explanation. The retreat Tazãr is sent to is a place where it is impossible to lie and that becomes a challenge for Tazãr, but not for Inuel, as he wants Tazãr to know the truth and he simply wants Tazãr. Tazãr has his guard up, as he knows demons don’t commit, but he longs to be with Inuel again.

There is subtle yet comprehensive world building, as well as sweet moments mixed in with dry humor, as the men reconnect and sort out their relationship and I appreciate how the title tied into the story. There’s also a cat. I would have liked to see more of the early part of their relationship before they had to mend what was broken, as that would have elevated the story a bit more for me. At the end of the book is an excerpt for Bacon’s earliest book in The Order Universe and it made me nostalgic for those characters. So read this book about Tazãr and Inuel and then read that book and get caught up with Lochan and Ervyn.