Today I am so pleased to welcome Aurora Crane to Joyfully Jay. Aurora has come to talk to us about her latest release, Cohesion (Chain Reaction Book 3). She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



“Thought we were past the youngest stealing my food.”

“You love me,” Peyton said cheekily.

“I’d love you more if you learned how to wash your bike,” Kellan retorted.

“I did!”

“If by clean you mean, ‘Lucas cleaning his room as a teenager,’ then sure.” Kellan held up a set of keys. “I cleaned her and changed her oil. She doesn’t need new tyres yet, but come back in a couple of weeks, and I’ll get her fitted.”

Peyton went for the keys, and Kellan lifted them out of his reach. “That’s two weeks, Peyton. Not two months.”

“Is she mine or yours?” Peyton grumbled.

“We have joint custody.”

Peyton snatched the keys and poked his tongue out. “I’m going to take her out into the mud just so I can paint your name on it with my finger and then hand her over.”

“You’d never get her back,” Kellan promised.

“I’d like to see you try,” Peyton said, making a face at him. Kellan returned the look.

“Boys,” Theresa chastised. They both suddenly looked completely innocent. Will snickered. Theresa sighed. “Let me go get those leftovers for you, and I’ll get out of your hair. Oh. Don’t forget we’re having dinner next month for Danny’s birthday, out at that Italian place he likes. Are you going to bring along your men?”

Peyton choked on nothing, and Will blinked at her.

“You told her?”

“Not… directly,” Peyton said. “No, Mum, it’s way too early to subject them to—” He cut off at her look. “We’ll be there,” he finished weakly. Will massaged the nape of his neck with his thumb soothingly. Theresa was a hard woman to say no to. Impossible, really.

“How many is that?” She tilted her head, looking at the ceiling like she was recalling the memory. When had Peyton told her about Sebastian, Quinn, and Jericho? When had he told her about them? “Three, you said?”

“Uh… yeah.” She was halfway to the door that led to the staff-only area when Peyton said, “No. Four,” amending himself. He sighed. “There’s four.”

Will wouldn’t have blamed him if he hadn’t been ready to include Jericho in that. They were all new, but he was… a different kind of new. One that they were still figuring out. Telling parents about any of it was a big step, and doing it in stages wasn’t unreasonable.

“Four?” Kellan asked, both eyebrows raised. “Are you trying to get a bingo?”

“If you include Peyton, that is a bingo,” Will pointed out. Human bingo. Bet that was more fun than regular bingo.


Five men, one love story.

None of them knew how many pieces they were missing until they all slotted into place.

Jericho thinks his life is complete, and that he doesn’t need anyone else. Quinn is sure he can never get back what he’s lost. Will wants to be a piece of someone’s heart, the hero of their story. Peyton fights his nightmares alone, struggling against the tide, his own dark thoughts an anchor. Sebastian’s hardened heart keeps him from letting anyone else in, too afraid to be hurt again.

Now real happiness, together, is within their grasp. Everything might be perfect if it weren’t for the man who wants all of their heads and won’t stop until he has them. It will take everything the five men have to reach for their happily ever after.

When the worst happens and their precarious foundation crumbles around them, is the love they weren’t prepared for going to be enough to keep them together… and alive?

Cohesion is the third and final book in the Chain Reaction trilogy, an MMMMM romantic suspense series. It is not a standalone and follows the same five men and their relationship. It ends in a satisfying HEA.

It contains adult situations, gun use, suspense themes, a character with on-page PTSD, and more. The full list can be found inside the book.


Aurora Crane is an Australian author who loves to write romance with a healthy serving of banter, snark and ridiculous men falling in love.

Her books are a mix of MM and MM+ written in third person. She loves to write men in suits, sprawling universes with a plethora of side characters, and an abundance of steamy situations.


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