Today I am so pleased to welcome Layla Reyne to Joyfully Jay. Layla has come to talk to us about her latest release, Under the Table, part of the Accidentally Undercover series. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“I’m sorry,” Jax said, stepping the rest of the way into the nook but leaving some distance between them, giving Feb space to take or leave their apology. “I didn’t mean to say you can’t take care—”

Feb apparently didn’t need space, obliterating it instead. Grabbing them by the jacket lapels, she hauled them in for a kiss that was as determined as her gaze had been in the kitchen. Mouth angling over theirs, she demanded entrance, parting Jax’s lips and diving inside with her tongue. Fingers traveling up Jax’s neck, lifting goose bumps across their skin and sending heat and wetness arrowing south. Carding her fingers through their mohawk and skimming them over their freshly shaved sides.

Jax melted, giving Feb some of their weight and kissing her back with all the desire that had built the past few months, accelerated the past week by separation and admiration. Feb had challenged the critics with her V-day menu, living up to every bit of hype about her out there, and she’d met every challenge thrown her way, from the Render review news to a restaurant full of bounty hunters and assassins who’d carved up her pride and joy. But she’d bounced back, persevered each time, and after all of that, including Jax’s part in the madness, she still seemed to want them.

They slid their hands up Feb’s thighs, over the curve of her hips, then under her ass, hauling her to the edge of the stool, both of them gasping as they rocked their hips together. Fuck, they wanted to take her apart right here, and Jax thought maybe Feb would let them.


under the table coverAccidentally Undercover, Book 4

Chef February Winters hates Valentine’s Day. So much so she refuses to open her restaurant for it. Except now the critics say that she can’t—not, that she won’t—so of course she must. But planning the perfect V-day menu eludes her until her sexy new bartender mixes up a sublime concept.

Jax Dillon is a hacker, but for the past three months they’ve been undercover at Under the Table, tending bar while on the lookout for a rogue spy. Truth be told, they’ve spent more time looking at the stunning head chef while struggling to balance their professional and personal lives.

Feb’s been looking Jax’s way too. Until V-day arrives and she finds her restaurant full of bounty hunters, assassins, bullet holes, and more. When the spy she thought was a critic takes her three stars—and Jax—hostage, Feb must cook the meal of her life to win back culinary glory and the bartender (er, hacker?) who’s stolen her heart. Good thing she’s a real chef.


layla reyne bio photoLayla Reyne is the author of What We May Be and the Agents Irish and Whiskey, Fog City, and Perfect Play series. A Carolina Tar Heel who spent fifteen years in California, Layla enjoys weaving her bicoastal experiences into her stories, along with adrenaline-fueled suspense and heart pounding romance.

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