Rating: 2 stars
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Length: Novella


Carter is fed up when he finds out his boyfriend has been cheating on him. He’s had enough of work and sets off in his car in the rain to his cabin to get away for the weekend. The road is dark and wet when Carter comes upon a stranded motorist and offers him a ride. Dylan accepts and the two men decide to pull over at a hotel for the night to wait out the storm. There is one only bed in room #69 and, despite the men not even knowing each other’s names, they agree to share with one another.

Carter and Dylan are attracted to each other and barely have to think as they enjoy a night of passion. Yet Carter is devastated once again when he wakes up to find Dylan gone with only a note left behind, leaving Carter disillusioned once more and longing to find Dylan to explore their connection.

Just One Night is a short book that puts Carter and Dylan in close proximity for the night with “only one bed.” There wasn’t really anything about this book that worked for me and it’s not a regular occurrence for me to want to DNF a 65 page book.

The meet up was approachable enough, with Carter stopping to help Dylan. Given the small number of pages, the story has to move fast, which is fine, but I didn’t care for their dialogue. With awkwardness in the air, they talk about work. They are both in publishing and they discuss a hot topic in the LGBTQ romance genre and they were insulting readers for their choices, which was a hot take. There is then name dropping of authors in the genre, which always feels forced and commercial for me.

While the sections were labeled for each character, within conversation it was often difficult to know who was speaking. And, when one of them was getting “pounded,” that entire scene was the opposite of sexy for me. The ending was eye-rollingly far fetched and I’ll call it that this story was not a good match for me.