Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Joel Leslie
Length: 12 hours, 31 minutes

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Ruari (Rory) Brennan is a High Court Sidhe, and along with twin brother, Cian, has been on Earth longer than humanity has existed. After Cian killed many in his quest to heal and awaken Rory from his two centuries of stasis, he’s currently incarcerated in a Practitioner’s prison, basically at the behest of his honor, because he’s powerful enough to simply walk out of prison and disappear. Rory has taken up his own residence at the Salvatore Mansion, rekindling the magic in the grounds and conservatory, while he adjusts to life in the present.

Daniel Macavoy is the scion of the Macavoy clan, a sect of Practitioners who were the sworn enemy of the Salvatores–until Angel ended their generations-long blood feud about 11 years ago. Angel took on Daniel as his apprentice, a sacred bond, when he learned that a mutual enemy had coerced Daniel into conjuring new trouble. He’s been teaching Daniel how to channel his powers of sorcery, and Daniel’s working hard to discover his natural magical affinity. He’s also dealing with his history of rape at the hands of the enemy who coerced him–and the abandonment by his family, now that they are all locked up. Daniel and Rory met when Rory was awakened, and Rory has made it a personal mission to protect Daniel, Angel, and Isaac (Angel’s brother)–but mostly Daniel, as he’s the most vulnerable of this trio.

This is the fifth book in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer series and best enjoyed when read in order. The book really follows Daniel and Rory’s love story, and features many chapters in their POV, but also that of Cian and Eroch (Angel’s dragon), with whom Rory regularly communicates. We also have the ongoing threat from the High Council of Sorcery. It’s a LOOOONNG book with a LOT going on, and I really was thrilled with the narration, because wow, Joel Leslie voices about eight regular characters that all have unique accents. I honestly didn’t hear the Boston accent in my head while reading it, but it erupts when I hear Leslie narrate Angel, Isaac, and Daniel. I was also captivated by Rory and Cian’s accents, which are a bit Irish, similar to Simeon’s voice.

Look, if you like this series, you’ll love this audiobook. I read all the previous books in order to listen to this audio, because it’s an epic feat–over twelve hours! I’ve listened to it multiple times at this point, and I still loved it. The creativity of the story is only accentuated in the audiobook, which has a good balance between adventure/chaos and romance.

Daniel and Rory are a couple for the ages. I love how Isaac gives Daniel crap about how fast he falls for Rory, after knowing and pining after him for more than a year. It shows how Isaac really treats Daniel like a brother–and they are so fun in this book, now that Isaac is sober and healthy. There are plenty of filthy-sexy bits, as well as imminent death moments. It’s a whirlwind, and not only because of Daniel’s latent affinity.

I am so glad I picked up on this series! It’s highly recommended if you like paranormal/supernatural romances with lots of action and near-death (or actual death!) situations.