Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Morgan has had a troubled life, as his childhood was filled with tragedy and sadness. He has an older brother, Rhett, and a younger brother, Easton, and they are as far apart as brothers can be. Morgan and Rhett are closer in age and they have always been in competition for their father’s approval. But no matter what they do, it will never be enough, and every day Morgan and Rhett resent each other more. The one bright spot in Morgan’s life is his best friend, Dusty. Morgan and Dusty have both been in love with each other for years, but they are afraid to speak it. When Morgan witnesses something that devastates him, he leaves his hometown for the other side of the country and doesn’t return or speak to Dusty for 10 years. When Morgan’s father has a stroke, Morgan returns to the town that brings him so much sadness.

When Dusty and Morgan see each other again, the impulse is to pick up right where they left off. That low sizzle that was always between them is now scorching heat. But a lot has happened in 10 years and they need to repair what was broken between them. Morgan also needs to try and repair what has been broken and lost between him and his brothers. But with their father still in the middle of their family, that is a monumental task. Morgan wants to leave again, but he knows he can’t leave Dusty behind a second time and he needs to find a way to mend all of his relationships, even if the chaos never seems to end.

I have read a lot of books by Riley Hart and Morgan hit just the right way right from the start. I liked that there was angst right from the beginning. There is a lot going on with Morgan’s family and, while this information is disclosed early on in the book, it’s best to learn it as it unravels.

Morgan’s life is seriously tension filled. His home life fell apart when he was a young boy and he was left in the position of helping with his younger siblings. He resented his father and older brother for reasons that are laid out and Morgan never recovered from all of the trauma in his young life. There are several storylines all tied together with Morgan’s life with his family as he returns home, and then his relationship with Dusty.

Morgan and Dusty were the closest of friends and neither were in a place to ask for more from the other and tension-filled emotions caused a crack in the foundation of their relationship. Neither can believe they have not been in contact for so many years and they both need to repair the damage. The characters are well developed and their feelings and emotions are raw on the page. Morgan’s brothers are also well formed and their struggles are impactful. In contrast, Morgan’s father was less developed and more one note, which worked against the story for me.

It’s a rewarding story to see Morgan and Dusty get their long-awaited life together. There is also still a lot of story here, as Morgan’s brothers will both have books and their stories are closely interwoven with Morgan and I will be looking forward to reconnecting with the Swift brothers.