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Length: Novel


Only Unity Will Spare Us is the fifth and final book in the Magi Accounts Series. This series must be read in order and, as such, there will be mild spoilers for the rest of the books in this review.

The Equality Act is the law of the land, but Mads, Cos, and the Ono-Nai pride know change won’t come overnight. They still need to be careful out in the world, because there are plenty of humans who want nothing more than to see shifters and magi eradicated. On top of that, The Red Cloth is still out in force and the witches will stop at nothing to gain power. Mads and the team are focused on rooting out and finally stopping the terrorists.

For Mads, it’s even more personal than that. He promised to kill Anderson, a high ranking member of The Red Cloth and Mads’ past abuser, and because of his magi magic, that promise must be fulfilled. The weight of it is pressing down on him, and he will stop at nothing until he sees it done. The Red Cloth are committing atrocities left and right, and the mass murder they take part in to power themselves is heinous.

But even though the world is filled with chaos and death, its not all bad. The Ono-Nai pride is growing, and Mads and Cos are finally going to complete the tying ritual. The good things in their life are really good, but with the threats unrelenting, the pride barely gets a break.

Anderson has slipped through their fingers time and again and manages to escape after a huge battle at the First Tear. But with Mads, his dyad Jude, the pride, and the magi exhausted, they don’t have time to recover before the worst attack happens. It will take everything Mads and Jude have in order to end it, but they are willing to sacrifice themselves if it means finally stopping Anderson and keeping their pack safe.

This series has been a rollercoaster from the start. Notaro has created a dystopian world where shifters are second-class citizens and magi aren’t even considered people. The magic system is complex and interesting. There is a lot of violence, blood, and death within the pages of this series, and especially here in the last book. Please be sure to check the trigger warnings before diving in. But it’s balanced with the affection of a found family, and a whole lot of love.

As a finale, this book has a lot of satisfying points. Mads and Cos, as a couple, are finally truly settled with each other and, though they have a soul bond, also choose to tie together, which is Notaro’s version of mating. Cos has been a constant support for the prickly Mads, and together they have grown in confidence and love. I love them as a couple, and I love the found family that permeates this series. There are a lot of characters, many of whom have their own companion novels, and throughout the series, readers get to know them well.

But it is a long book, as are most in the series, and I have mixed feelings about the length. Many of the scenes are necessary to advance the plot, but I did have a little trouble with the pacing in some parts. For me, this story (and most of the other books in the series) could use some tightening up. There were times when the narrative dragged a bit and I was ready to move on to the next scene before the characters are. This worked against the story for me, as I felt a quicker pace would have enhanced the storytelling.

This book and series are not without their problems for me. But I was still anticipating every book, every spin off, hungry for more stories in this world. I absolutely adore the found family aspect. I loved seeing everyone get their happily ever after. I truly enjoyed that the book ended in such a positive way, especially after the final battle and the pain everyone has gone through. These characters worked hard for their rights, freedom, and love. There are a lot of heavy themes, but they are handled with care. If you’re looking for a complex dystopian world, with endearing characters, then definitely check out this book and series.