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Length: Novel


Daire has his group of friends known as the Park Avenue Princes, but Daire doesn’t let anyone get close to him. He’s abrupt and surly most of the time, as he keeps to himself. Yet, Daire’s protective of the group and, when Gavin needs a new place to live, Daire lets Gavin move into his spare bedroom.

Gavin isn’t scared of Daire and that both pleases and annoys Daire. And now that they are living together, they both are noticing each other in ways they hadn’t before. The chemistry between them is dialed up and for every scowl that Daire throws Gavin’s way, Gavin doesn’t back down, which turns Daire on even more. Daire knows they could never work, as not only is Gavin his best friend’s brother, but Gavin is way too good and sunny for the likes of Daire.

When Daire finds out that Gavin’s ex has put his hands on Gavin and that Gavin is being bullied, Daire’s protective instinct goes into high gear. Because no one touches Gavin—well, except for Daire.

This is the next installment in the Park Avenue Princes series featuring a group of wealthy college students. While it’s not absolutely necessary to have read the other books, the group is at the heart of this series and I feel it adds a lot to read them in order to know all the dynamics at play here.

I read lots of dark books and yet I felt the revenge plot here to be overly uncomfortable. I was left with conflicting feelings about the group’s illegal actions of vengeance that lingered throughout the entire book, which then certainly tamped down my enjoyment somewhat of Daire and Gavin’s relationship.

Daire is scarred from a childhood with absentee parents, which left him touch starved and emotionally shielded. Still, he is moody, rude, and often offensive. Daire doesn’t even have to ask “AITA” because he definitely knows that he is. So, at times for me, it was difficult to actually like Daire. Yes, we got his sad story, and yes he has issues to overcome, but I wasn’t always on board with how he treated everyone.

Gavin is more relaxed and happier than Daire and seems to attract the second “A” in the “AITA” scenario. Daire has always been protective of Gavin, even when neither of them realized it. And now that they are roommates, Daire is extremely protective of Gavin and, even if Daire knows that he’s no good for Gavin, there is no one good enough for Gavin. If you want the “he’s mine” super protective character, you will find that in Daire. There is a lot of push and pull with the guys getting one step closer and Daire pushing Gavin away once again. While Daire is the quintessential bad boy, the love to hate part walked a fine line for me. I like this series and the group of guys here and getting pulled back into their world, but I wanted to like Daire a whole lot more than I did and I was left with mixed feelings on this newest entry into the world of the Park Avenue Princes.