Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel


It’s opening day at the SOS Hotel. When the tear in the veil closed back up and supernaturals were left behind, they had no shelter. Adam Vex is the human that is going to help them by opening a hotel sanctuary. Adam is partnering with his friend, lust demon and former porn star, Zodiac, known as “Zee,” and Adam knows that Zee hopes for a different kind of relationship between the two of them. Adam has to make this business venture work, but everything seems to be against him—including a murder in the hotel, missing humans, and a real estate developer out for revenge. Then there is the suave, wealthy vampire, Victor Reynard, who causes the heat in Adam’s blood to rise—which is a problem for more than one reason.

The first day is the hardest; that’s what Adam tells himself and anyone else that will listen, including the budget-friendly AI bartender that definitely needs his professional settings tweaked. Adam now finds himself caught between a lust demon a hot vampire. Adam really only wants to help; that’s the only reason for the hotel, because Adam has absolutely no secrets of his own he needs to hide—nope. Welcome to the SOS Hotel. Enjoy your stay.

The SOS Hotel series is different from Ariana Nash’s previous work and this book was great. The book is written from Adam’s point of view, he is listed as the author, and a lot of it is Adam’s running commentary. He has a dry, self-deprecating wit and what you see is most definitely not all there is.

There is a lot of story here set in a shorter novel. The entire world isn’t built and all we know is that there was a tear that allowed supernaturals in and now they are stuck. Adam and Zee became friends when Zee needed help and Adam promised him a permanent place to live at the hotel and they became partners. They are on a tight budget and the wealthy real estate developer is mad and doesn’t understand how Adam got the property instead of him and he’s a problem. It’s opening day and Adam has lots of fires to put out.

The pace of the book is fast and the tone is witty and dry. Adam tries to come across as an unassuming human, but he has the attention of Zee, and Reynard, and well, everywhere he goes, eyes are drawn to Adam. Except he refuses to acknowledge most of it because Adam has secrets and he’s desperately trying to stay off everyone’s radar—which proves to be impossible.

All of the characters in this book have stories and they all have secrets and it will be fun to watch them unravel—with the help of Tom Collins, the AI bartender. The story expands on a romantic relationship between Adam and Zee, and the heat between Adam and Reynard. Reynard and Zee currently despise each other, but the series will eventually be a poly story. Adam is hesitant to get involved with anyone to protect himself and he will possibly be the most interesting character of all.

This is part one of the series, with fun and mayhem mixed in with murder and secrets and intrigue, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.