Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Dakota is an omega dragon on the run from his northern California-based wing. He was accosted by an alpha who wouldn’t take no for an answer, and might have actually killed the man in his attempt to escape. Dakota is running on fumes when he stumbles into Oro Escondido in the New Mexico mountains, and is lucky to meet a lovely dragon running a small bookshop who’s willing to help him out. Dakota imagines he’ll need to keep running, but he’s realistic that he should pause to make some money and build up his resources in order to support himself.

Logan is one of the Guardians of the dragon wing at Oro Escondido. He’s been single a long time, always searching for his mate. While not celibate, Logan hasn’t become entangled with other dragons who’d want him for his money or power. Meeting Dakota is kismet, as they are both struck by the spark of a connection. Logan allows Dakota to set the pace for their courtship, which proceeds somewhat rapidly, especially once Dakota feels secure enough in the magic of Oro Escondido to reveal his dragon self. Dakota’s always felt like he’s inconsequential, a sand dragon with few redeeming attributes, so Logan’s intense admiration is heady, and hard to trust. At first.

This is a fated-mates, dragon shifter, mpreg story and it ticks all those boxes with the usual Minerva Howe Southwest-style charm. I’ve read a lot of her stories and each one still feels unique. It’s clear that the dragons here have a close-knit community, with queer representations that are not limited by gender. Dakota and Logan make a delicious couple, with a fun dynamic to their conversations. Logan could use his position and money to bulldoze Dakota, but he’s circumspect, giving freely as Dakota wishes, without overstepping.

This was a breezy read that I just absorbed and enjoyed. I loved the secondary characters and am intrigued to discover how this new series will develop. I expect Logan’s flirty brother is about to find his own fated mate, and I’m excited to watch that happen. I recommend this story highly for readers who like light and sweet dragon-shifter romances.