Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novel


It’s been ten years since Cameron has seen Gael, the love of his life. Gael was everything to Cameron, as he defended him against bullies and made Cameron feel like the future would only get better for them together. But then Gael left without a word and Cameron has no idea where Gael is or what happened. Cameron has tried to move on, but his heart will always call out for Gael. On a cold snowy night, Cameron stumbles over an injured and sick Gael and there are more questions than answers.

Gael knows that he made a mistake that cost him everything. He wanted to be free of his abusive father and make a better life for himself and Cameron. But Gael wound up in a situation that he didn’t know how to get out of and he did things to survive that he’s not proud of. Now recovering, Gael feels guilt and shame for all that has transpired and feels that he is too tainted for Cameron and pushes hard for Cameron to leave him alone. But a second chance may give them the future they long for.

JoJo Stone is a new-to-me author with a second chance story for Cameron and Gael. They were high school boyfriends and were everything to each other. But Gael didn’t tell Cameron about his home life and, while he wanted a better life, he didn’t share his thoughts or plans with Cameron. It’s been 10 years and Gael has suffered a lot of pain and trauma.

This book tackles difficult subject matter, including prostitution and rape. However, I felt the topics were too lightly addressed for what Gael was said to endure. We learn what happened to him recently, but the lost years are mentioned in much broader strokes. When Gael and Cameron connect again on an intimate level, I felt it was too quick for the injuries that Gael sustained and also too quick for him to catch up mentally and emotionally.

The whole book moved really fast and the story hinged on the prior relationship between the men that we never saw. Gael suffered tremendously, but the impact was missing for me with how quickly everything moved and with the details that were left out. The writing overall is solid, but there wasn’t enough depth or development for the characters or the story for my tastes.