Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Scotty is feeling desperate when he breaks into a local mechanic’s garage. He’s lived a life of trauma and has been abused and manipulated by his politician uncle who he has lived with for years. Except, Scotty has no idea that Zander, who has lived his entire life in organized crime as an assassin, is waiting for him on the other side of the door.

Zander might have changed his name, but his mission — to get revenge for his family’s murder — remains the same. He’s not expecting a complication with the armed and younger Scotty and he’s certainly not then expecting the Federal Marshall he has been hunting to show up at his door also.

Federal Marshall Vince Harding is on the run, as he’s driving across country to save himself from assassins with the goal of ending him for good. When his car breaks down, he winds up at Zander’s garage and a bullet from Scotty’s shaking hands ends up in his shoulder. Trapped together waiting execution, the men form a fast bond that shakes them all. Vince and Scotty are resigned to not making it out of the garage alive, but their life will take a turn once more. Between danger, spilled blood, and dangerous men, Scotty, Zander, and Vince create a connection that leads to unexpected passion. With enemies still around and Zander high up in organized crime, the men are now fighting for a chance they never thought they would have—a future together.

At first glance, When We Collide looks like a standalone, but the author’s note states that this book is part of the Brooklyn Sinners world, where Vince was first introduced, and “While you don’t need to read those books first, the author strongly encourages it.” I read the entire Brooklyn Sinners series; it’s a great series, and I do remember Vince a little. However, the first book in the series was released in 2012, and it was certainly a memory stretch for me to remember details, as there are cameos here from many previous MCs, including one of my favorite characters ever.

The book opens with quite the coincidence as the men are all locked in close proximity. Scotty has no idea who the men are, but Zander and Vince recognize each other. Scotty has no one on his side and Zander and Vince’s close circle has gotten smaller and those they think they can trust might not be trustworthy.

All three men have a history, which we do learn about as they get to know each other, but I could not remember Zander and Vince’s prior association and I did feel like I was missing something there. The men fall for each other incredibly fast. Scotty is the most likely to fall quickly, as he really needs someone on his side. But Zander and Vince are enemies and, with all of the life they have lived, falling for each other at the intensity that they did moved too fast from my view. But the men have chemistry and there is plenty of heat to be found.

There is also plenty of violence here, as Zander has no intention of giving up his place in the family. There isn’t a full discussion of how Scotty and Vince will find a home in Zander’s world, especially Vince, who has been in law enforcement most of his life. The special cameo of the best character in this world certainly caused sparks in the book and if you have a fondness for this series, then give this story a read.