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Luc, Anders, and Curtis have bound themselves together as a triad, strengthening each of their individual abilities. It has made the three of them incredibly powerful as a vampire, demon, and wizard respectively. The bond has also given the three men an incredibly close emotional connection and they care about one another deeply. But for Curtis, his interest in Luc and Anders has grown to something more, and he is hoping that the men may share his feelings. With so much uncertainty among them, it is leading to some stress and tension, as the men work through their relationship issues and figure out what is next for them.

However, the personal side needs to take a back seat when one of of Curtis’ wizard friends goes missing — and the man he was with most recently turns up dead. Strangely, the dead man was clearly murdered, despite having the gift of prescience. No one can understand how someone who can see the future would not be aware that they are at risk, or how a highly skilled wizard could have been so vulnerable to attack.

Even as the men focus on investigating one murder, more people turn up dead, all with the ability to see the future. But the murders aren’t the only danger. There are mysterious thefts, a group of new demons in town, and secrets among the magical Families. As Luc, Anders, and Curtis continue to investigate who is behind it all, it soon becomes clear there is something much more dangerous happening than even they realized. Now, it will take all the men have to stop the plot before the entire supernatural world is thrown into chaos.

Triad Magic is the third book in ‘Nathan Burgoine’s fabulous Triad Blood series, focusing on this unlikely trio of vampire, demon, and wizard. Normally, supernatural beings only form groups among their own kind, but Luc, Anders, and Curtis have a unique bond that has made them increasingly powerful (and often threatened by others). Each book in the trilogy focuses on a different threat, but the books do have many overarching themes and characters. The first two books came out in 2016 and 2017, so it has been a big time jump since I read them. I did go back to reread my reviews, as well as skim through my notes and key parts of the story. Even so, there were times where I did feel like I was missing details, as characters and events were referenced that I didn’t remember. So my advice is to start with the first book, Triad Blood, and read them straight through. These books are so good, it is definitely worth reading all three.

Burgoine has put some wonderful world building into this series, developing the vampires, wizards, and demons. We once again get a suspenseful adventure, as the three men must navigate a supernatural threat. In this case, it is the murders of paranormals with the ability to see into the future. Things get nicely twisty and exciting as we follow along and figure out who is behind it all and why. This story has a key focus on the wizards led by the five main Families, so we get a chance to really delve into them here. The mystery gives each of the three MCs a chance to shine, as they all work their leads to figure out what is going on. I find this world Burgoine has created to be so interesting and the author uses it to great effect here. The mystery is exciting and comes together in a thrilling conclusion.

On the personal front, things start out tense for the men. Curtis has shared his feelings and asked to know Anders and Luc’s in return, which throws things off for them for a while as they work through it all. The guys are separated quite a bit early on, both for personal reasons and for plot ones. But they come together in the end, not just to work through the mystery, but also to sort out their relationship as well. I did wish for more of them all happily together here in this last book. However, we get a really happy ending for the men and things round out really nicely on the personal front.

This last story in the trilogy caps off this journey so well. I have loved these books and particularly the unique triad bond among the men. If you are a fan of urban fantasy stories, I think this series is not to be missed.

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