new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week and my folks in the U.S. are enjoying the long weekend. Also a big thank you for your service to all our military folks out there.

We spent this week at the beach with my younger daughter. My husband and I worked remotely for the first part of the week, but we got to enjoy a couple days off toward the end, even if they were a little rainy. But surprisingly, after predicting storms, the sun came out on Saturday and so we have had a couple of nice days to enjoy over the weekend. My older daughter was able to join us for the long weekend, so it has been some nice family time.

I also have gotten a lot of reading done, which is good, because I was behind after being out of the country. I am still not quite caught up, but I made a big dent in my pile of books! And here is what we have planned on the blog this week…

  • Audiobook Review: Saints Like Him by Aimee Nicole Walker (Veronica)
  • Review: First Snow by Jake Vanguard (Camille)
  • Review: Hot Streak by Beth Bolden (Kris)
  • Guest Post: Icebreaker by Blair Brady

  • Review: Teach Me by Neve Wilder (Jay)
  • Review: Housemates by Emma Copely Eisenberg (Veronica)
  • Review: All That Jazz by Lynn Townsend (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Lost in Someone by J.J. Harper

  • Review: Resisting You by E.M. Lindsey (Jay)
  • Review: Duke for the Summer by Emily Spady (Michelle)
  • Guest Post: Totally Geeked by Becca Jackson

  • Review: Honey by Victor Lovato (Elizabeth)
  • Review: The Beauty of the Beast by Gabbi Grey (Camille)
  • Guest Post: Fractured Hope by Kady Cordova

  • Review: Under Your Skin by Lee McCormack (Michelle)
  • Review: Don’t Be a Drag by Skye Quinlan (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Darkness by Eden Winters

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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