Today I am so pleased to welcome Michele Lenard to Joyfully Jay. Michele has come to talk to us about a new release, Beautifully Fractured. Michelle has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

It’s virtually impossible not to notice how perfect Cruz’s body is considering he flaunts it constantly. The irony is, he isn’t flaunting it on purpose. His asexuality translates into him being completely oblivious to the fact his naked torso does things to me, so he has no qualms about walking around shirtless.

All. The. Time.

Add to that how he got me a birthday present and has been so genuinely concerned for my well-being that he literally won’t let me carry anything, and I’m starting to feel more than just sexual attraction toward him. I’m dangerously close to developing a crush on my ACE roommate, and it’s freaking me the fuck out.

Why is he so nice?

I want to believe that’s just who Cruz is. That it’s in his nature to take care of and look out for people. But I knew guys like that back home, or at least I thought I did, and when I needed them the most they were nowhere to be found. Hell, some of them turned out to be who I needed protection from.

When I look at Cruz, it’s hard not to be reminded of that. He’s everything I swore to avoid, that I’m supposed to hate. The good-looking, popular guy who skates through life because he’s a gifted football player. The kind who can easily dismiss someone like me. The kind all the other mindless, macho jocks follow. The kind who will fuck you in private and lead the charge to kick your ass when your so-called friend spills your secrets.

Why I gravitate toward that type when they have no love for me, I don’t have a clue. Yet, for some reason they make my dick hard, which my working hand can’t seem to fix.

I let my forehead fall against the cool tile as I take a shaky breath, willing my body to cooperate before I try to find relief again. Picturing my gorgeous roommate, of course.

Cruz looks like the enemies of my past, but he doesn’t act like the jocks I knew in high school. It’s a mindfuck I don’t know how to process. On top of that, I’ve never crushed on an unavailable guy before. Not once. Even before I was outed, I inherently knew that crushing on guys who weren’t gay would lead to trouble. Call it self-preservation, common sense or just good luck, I didn’t pine away for guys I’d never have a shot with.

I’m perilously close to venturing down that path now though, and I don’t know how to stop it. Not when my literal wet dream sleeps just a few feet away.


beautifully fractured coverFront Range University, Book 1

Ever have someone get you so well it’s like looking in a mirror?

Starting over is not what I had planned.

Those stories about magically becoming best friends with the person assigned to live with you… Yeah, that won’t be me. I already have a best friend. Even if I wanted a new one, Liam wouldn’t be it. He’s permanently grouchy, carrying a negative energy I don’t need since I’m finally in a good place. But I’ve never been good at ignoring when people need help, so I paste on a smile and play nice.

Predictably, Liam isn’t much of a talker, but after an unexpected accident he needs my help in other ways. Ways that offer me answers about myself. Ways that raise new questions about the football dreams I’ve been chasing since I was a kid. Ways that make me relive the past I want to ignore.

To say I’m confused is an understatement, but there’s one thing I know for certain…Liam is either the key to one door or the bolt that could prevent another from ever opening. And I have to choose which I want him to be.

Starting over is exactly what I need.

I can’t get any more invisible than I’ve been for the past few years, and I figure rooming with another person means at least one human on the planet can’t ignore me. Unfortunately, that human is Adonis personified, and not gay, so it’s looking like my invisibility streak might continue.

Then I suffer a minor accident, and Cruz’s hero complex comes out in full force.

I should be grateful to have someone to open my door and carry my books, but when you pair his selfless personality with that body… My mind starts to blur the roommate line, which makes his blur the line of not being gay.

My heart is already battered, and I doubt it can take rejection from the one person who broke down all the walls I’d built around it. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to give it to him anyway.

**Beautifully Fractured is a high-heat MM romance with medium angst that features a grumpy/sunshine relationship, forced proximity, hurt/comfort situations and a bi-awakening. This is book one in a series of interconnected standalones. Though the main characters are athletes, this is not a sports romance. Rather, it’s a romance that happens to feature people who play sports.


michele lenard b&w logoHi! I’m Michele-or at least that’s the name I write under-because my parents and my kids are not allowed to read my books. Ever. Though sports romance is my guilty pleasure, I like to dabble in all MM tropes. My books are set in my home state of Colorado, because to me the mountains are the only thing that can compete with a good book. My favorite food is Mexican, my favorite shoes are flip-flops, and my drink of choice is whiskey, the same as virtually every character I’ve ever written.


Connect with Michele:
tiktok: @michelelenardbooks


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