Today I am so pleased to welcome Kady Cordova to Joyfully Jay. Kady has come to talk to us about her latest release, Fractured Hope. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“Do you mind if I carry you?” Atticus asked hesitantly. “It might be quicker and not put any added weight on your injuries.”

Embarrassed at my predicament, I simply nodded and braced myself for him to pick me up. It didn’t hurt as much this time because I was ready. I carefully placed my good arm around his neck as he carried me bridal style out of the break room and through the garage to where a truck was idling in the driveaway, the passenger door hanging open. He carefully placed me on the seat and even buckled my belt as I sat there blinking stupidly at him.

No one had ever cared if I was buckled in, and a weird feeling blossomed in my chest. My cheeks warmed as I turned away, but I managed to mutter “thank you” as he closed the door and went around the driver’s side of the truck to get in. I couldn’t see Sebastian but knew he must’ve been there somewhere as we left for the hospital, wherever that was.

As we headed away from Hope’s Ridge, back the way I’d come into town, I gazed out the window and watched the land go by. Fields and farmland quickly changed into forests and mountains. I gazed into the dense woods and all I could see was darkness. The sun still hadn’t risen over the ridge line. Could the light even penetrate these foreboding woods and show the predators it likely contained? How had I come so far to only be heading back to another hospital? At least this time it really was an accident. It felt like I was always going back there one way or another. Stopping that train of thought, I turned to watch Atticus as he drove.

“Thank you for driving me and for everything back there,” I said with a smile. It was nice of him, especially when it seemed to be so far away. I wouldn’t have had a hope in hell of getting there by myself.

“It’s no trouble, I swear.” He turned to flash me a smile.

Groaning, I considered what this trip was going to cost. There was no way I had enough cash to cover it. I might have enough for half the bill and that wasn’t including the X-rays. What was I going to do? Maybe a payment plan, but I still didn’t have a phone or permanent address yet. Shit.

“What’s the matter? Are you in pain?” Atticus rushed to ask. He appeared so stressed that I just blurted out my thoughts.

“I was just thinking about how much this will cost. I don’t have insurance. . . at the moment.” I wouldn’t and couldn’t use Derek’s, even though I was sure I was still listed on his plan. He was always the one to take me to the doctor or ER after a bad “accident” to ensure I “healed right” and made certain they all knew how clumsy I was. It was rare for him to bother to take me, but it was because he needed to make sure I kept my mouth shut. The one and only time I’d gone to an actual hospital without him or his permission had only made things worse. It had been the final straw that had kick-started my escape plan. Memories of one of the worst injuries broke through to the front of my mind, even though I didn’t want to think about it.


fractured hope coverHope’s Ridge, Book 1

Can I really escape hell to find all I’ve ever longed for?


Finding yourself is hard. Finding someone you can truly trust is harder.

I have never known what it was like to have a true home or family, let alone real love.

After almost a year of planning, I finally escaped my abusive ex and ran as far away as I could with just the clothes on my back and a handful of cash. When I arrive in the quaint town of Hope’s Ridge, I’m ready to start over and reclaim my life.

When I painfully crash into Atticus’s life, something about him puts me at ease. I’ve never been one to trust, but now I’m in a situation where I have no choice. He might be what I’ve been longing for my whole life.


I love my tight-knit town, my big Greek family, and the life I’ve built. I have a successful garage with my brothers and love my job. I have it good, but every now and then I long for a connection. Someone to chase away the loneliness that’s been creeping in. As my brothers like to point out, I am set in my ways and not one for flings, bar hopping, or one-night stands.

When a beautiful man stumbles into my life, I’m blown away. He’s skittish and afraid, but all I want to do is take care of him.

When Bodhi’s ex starts making threats, danger gets ever closer and threatens everything I hold dear. Can I keep Bodhi safe and prove to him he is worthy of love? Or will he run and take my heart with him?

Fractured Hope is a small-town, hurt/comfort, age-gap MM Romance with a broken boy looking for a safe place, a lonely man longing to find his person, and a family full of love, mischief, and colorful characters ready to step in and protect each other no matter the costs.


Kady Cordova is a queer author from Australia.

They survive on coffee and chaos. She has always been a hopeless romantic at heart even though they grow a little cynical and sarcastic with age.

Love is love and everyone deserves a happily ever after.

Kady is an advocate for Mental Health, Invisible Illnesses, and Protecting Trans Kids.

Fractured Hope is Kady’s debut novel.

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