Today I am so pleased to welcome Becca Jackson to Joyfully Jay. Becca has come to talk to us about a new release, Totally Geeked. Becca has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

I take a sip of my coffee and Harrison drives over a bump in the road and coffee dribbles down my chin and onto my shirt.


“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see the hole.”

“It’s fine,” I say, wiping down my front. Why did I think a light blue shirt was the best option to wear today?

“We’re almost there, maybe we can grab you another shirt from a shop nearby?”

“I don’t think there is a lot open this early on a Saturday. It’s okay. I’ll hold the book up high to cover it.”

He frowns at the road, pulling into a park a few shops down from the bookstore.

“You’re right, it doesn’t look like there’s anywhere to get a shirt,” he says, climbing from the car and moving around to my side. He opens the door and his gaze trailers down my chest. “You can’t wear that on your first ever reading. Here,” he says, taking the coffee and book from my hand and placing it on the roof of his car. He then loops his fingers under his shirt and lifts it clear over his head.

“Wear mine.”


“It will be fine, besides, at least it isn’t stained.”

I take it, my stare unable not to sweep over his bare glistening chest. 

“I’m sure I have a jersey in here somewhere,” he says, riffling around in the back. While his head is down I strip off my shirt and pull his on over my head, careful not to knock off my glasses, if I broke them, there would be no reading today at all. The shirt is made of a stretch fabric that hugs every muscle on his body, but now the elastic fibers are knitting closer together, enveloping me in the warmth of him. It might still be a little big for me, but it smells like cinnamon, and reminds me of Christmas, eggnog and family.


totally geeked coverLove In Play Series, Book 2

Harrison’s love life is a parade of fun, flirty encounters thanks to every dating app you can imagine, but nothing sticks. Finally, sick of the endless cycle of Friday night hookups, he hits uninstall on the apps and challenges the universe to show him that he deserves someone better.

What he didn’t expect was the universe throwing him a curveball in the form of his best friend’s younger brother. Despite being best friends with Gordon for years, he’s never actually met his siblings and even half-joked they didn’t exist.

But there they are, at a party at Gordon’s place, and one brother, Arlo, is seriously hard to ignore. He’s nothing like Gordon. Quiet, adorable, and totally off-limits… which sucks. But when Harrison spots an opportunity to help him steady his nerves on his children’s book tour, he jumps at the chance to get to know him better, because spending time with him feels like the most right thing he’s done in forever.

The more time they spend together, the less Harrison can imagine being with anyone else. But going after what he wants means betraying his best friend. Can he find the courage to catch life’s most unexpected pitches?


Becca Jackson bio imageBecca Jackson writes MM romance that delivers heart, heat, and happily ever afters for some totally adorkable and fabulous guys.

Becca’s books have all your favorites, small-town romances, bi-awakenings, sports, friends to lovers, and enemies to lovers too, but no matter the trope that takes your fancy, you’ll always find a happily ever after.


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To celebrate the release of Totally Geeked, Becca is giving away a $20 Amazon Voucher! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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