Today I am so pleased to welcome D. K. Sutton to Joyfully Jay. D. K. has come as part of the Rainbow Readers Cruise Blog Tour to talk to us about her latest release, My Best Friend’s Wedding Planner (Wedding Disasters Book 1). She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Thank Jay for having me on the blog today!

I’m D. K. Sutton and I mostly write contemporary gay romance. I’m excited to be part of the Rainbo Readers Cruise. I’ve never been on a cruise before so this will be a first. I admit, I’m a little nervous about it.

My best known series is probably my Not So University series.

I released the first book in my new Wedding Disaster series on April 25th. My Best Friends Wedding Planner is set in Mules Creek, Missouri, a small town known for its loveable but quirky residents (and its noticeable lack of mules). What happens when a determined wedding planner meets his match in a sexy, but scheming, dude of honor? Over the top shenanigans that will keep you reading (and laughing) until the end.


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“Fine,” I say, turning away before I do something stupid like kiss that grin off his face. “If you don’t want to tell me…” I walk around the barn and find the perfect area for the catering. I try to picture it without the half-dozen or so haybales.

Unfortunately, Miles follows me. “My uncle upgraded. Now, he has a fancy barn and even fancier equipment. He only uses this one for storage.”

An idea pops into my head, and I turn to study him, enjoying the way he shifts uncomfortably.


“Miles, sweetie, I need to see what this area looks like empty. Can you move these hay things?”


“Yes, those.” I bat my eyes at him. “I’d like them…over there.” I point to an area about three feet away.

“You’re messing with me.”

“Maybe…” I say, biting my bottom lip. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t need it.”

He curses, shaking his head, but I can see the edge of a smile. He grabs a pair of gloves conveniently hanging from the barn wall. Miles looks at home as he grabs a hay bale and moves it to the indicated spot.

I’ve miscalculated because after moving the first hay bale, Miles strips off his flannel shirt, revealing an undershirt molded to his body. Oh holy Jesus. His muscles glean with sweat as he lifts another one. It’s definitely hotter in here, and the airflow is another thing to worry about because I can’t catch my breath as I admire the manly display of muscles working to their full potential.

“How’s that?” he asks, gesturing to the now-empty space. Which is my cue to stop ogling him and his glistening muscles and focus on the reason we’re here. Which I can’t remember at this moment.

“Good.” I fan my heated face. “Perfect. I can—um—” What was I doing again?

He steps closer, and my heart jackhammers as he uses a finger against my jaw to turn my head to the now-empty space. Right. The barn. The wedding.


Act as the dude of honor for my best friend? On it. Play nice with her scheming groom? Sure. Sabotage the wedding so she doesn’t make the biggest mistake of her life? Someone has to.

The only obstacle is her fierce, over-the-top wedding planner. I can’t get distracted by Zye Roessler’s sass or kissable lips. Not when he’s fixing things faster than I can break them.

We’re both determined. I want to protect my friend. And Zye needs this wedding to save his business. Not that he believes in love or marriage. I mean, neither do I, but I’m not the one making a profit from other’s mistakes.

I have a plan, and it doesn’t include kissing Zye every chance I get.


Miles Gordon is a problem. A gorgeous, muscled, tempting problem. He loves riling me up, but it’s the continuous issues with the wedding that snag my attention.

The dress? The venue? Are these coincidences or a sexy mechanic’s warped sense of loyalty?

I’m used to setbacks: the kids in school ridiculing me for being different, hearing “Shut up, Zye” too many times, my mom dropping me off at my dad’s for the weekend…and never returning.

Despite Miles’s attempts to distract me and the mounting evidence that this marriage is a mistake, this wedding will happen.

My only focus is giving the bride her perfect wedding and saving my business.

No matter how safe and cared for I feel in Miles’s strong arms.

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D.K. Sutton loves writing books full of romance and humor, and generously sprinkled with spice. As an introvert, she has always been a little awkward (and a lot geeky). Turns out, those are handy traits for a writer. Her books are mostly low angst and slow burn. There are always exceptions since her characters don’t always play by the rules. She enjoys writing about flawed characters put in compromising situations. She has a passion for writing LGBTQ+ stories because the world needs more love, inclusion, and queer representation.

D. K. Sutton also writes YA LGBTQ+ romance under the pen name Addison Lloyd.


To celebrate the release of My Best Friends Wedding Planner, DK is giving away the Winner’s choice of an ebook or audiobook from any of her published works. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Wednesday, May 8th at 11:59 pm ET.

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