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Length: Novel


Ever since he found his boyfriend being fucked in the laundry room by Hector Lange, Finn has hated Hector. It’s been five years of hating him — because hating Hector is easier than hating his ex-boyfriend for hurting him like that — and he has no reason to stop. Especially, when Hector bids on the painting Finn is trying to buy for his brother at an art auction, and seems to be doing it just to piss Finn off. Well, it works.

Hector has never been hated before. He’s always been open with his partners: He’s in it for the fun, not the forever. No strings, no expectations, no long-term relationship, and absolutely no romance. When Hector and his exes part, it’s usually as friends or, at the very least, acquaintances. So why is it this absolute stranger looks at him like he’s some sort of monster? Hector is determined to get to the bottom of this and, you know, maybe get at the bottom of the pretty redhead while he’s at it.

All That Jazz is a light, quick, and cute romance between two men who both know who they are: lonely, tired, and wanting very much to be held for once, rather than the one doing the holding. Finn works two jobs, and gigs on the side, to help pay for his brother’s bills. Sean went into the army a cocky young man and has come out of it a different person. Losing a leg and part of his hand to a bomb, suffering PTSD, and knowing his medical bills are crushing his family, Sean does nothing but hide in his rooms and play computer games. Finn can’t stand to see him like this, but he doesn’t know how to help.

Finn’s also got his mother to help care for, his student loans, and his sister’s college to help pay for. It’s work, 24/7; it’s stress and guilt and a need to take care of his family, especially since he’s now the primary breadwinner. He’s stuck in a cycle of spiraling thoughts and helplessness and there’s no time to take for himself with how much his brother needs him. Hector is an easy target for Finn’s anger, for his pain, for his fears for his brother and his frustration at himself for not being able to do enough, to do better than merely holding on.

Hector has never been one for relationships, because relationships fall apart and then you’re left hurting. So it’s better to simply play the field, make friends, and enjoy life, right? But more and more of his friends are settling down, are finding someone who stays longer than a few weeks, someone who they can come home to after a long day, someone they can talk with, cuddle with, exist with without the expectations of having to be always on, always performing, always charming and flirty and horny. Finn doesn’t want that, doesn’t want the Hector from the clubs. What he wants is someone to talk to, someone to give him a moment to breathe, and Hector is realizing … maybe he needs that, too.

There’s a road trip, vacation sex, and a lot of getting to know one another as people, rather than ideas or ideals. The friendship and the romance both work very well in this book, and the writing was so smooth and easy that I finished the book without realizing it. This is definitely an author to keep an eye on, and definitely a book worth recommending if you want a happy romance for a weekend read.