Story Rating: 3.75 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Kirt Gravs
Length: 5 hours, 16 minutes

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Dorian is a queer blind man who is also the Artist, a person who can gather visions of a person’s soulmate by making an intentional physical connection. Dorian makes a good living rendering soulmate drawings, and he’s granted a lot of esteem in society for this ability. He can’t know when or where a person will encounter their soulmate, only what that soulmate will look like at that exact moment the people meet. Dorian’s greatest wish is to know the face of his own soulmate, but his ability won’t work on himself. Generally, Dorian despairs that he might not even have a soulmate.

Hayden’s parents were soulmates, and he’s vehemently opposed to ever finding his own as a result. Being soulmates didn’t keep his dad around following the birth of Hayden’s younger sister, who has Down’s Syndrome. So, what good is having a soulmate who’d just leave you behind? Hayden loves his mother and sister a ton, but he won’t acquiesce to his mom’s prodding to have a drawing made by the Artist.

Dorian and Hayden meet by chance in a coffee shop. Hayden thinks Dorian’s the most beautiful man he’s ever met, and Dorian’s eager to begin a friendship with someone who doesn’t know his ability. He’s been used and abused in the past by people who just wanted free drawings, or the fame of knowing the Artist. Their friendship quickly becomes more intense, and they acknowledge how compatible they are, and how this is fueling an attraction.

However, Dorian’s afraid to fall for Hayden, knowing that he’ll likely lose him to his eventual soulmate. And when Hayden learns that Dorian’s the Artist, his aversion to finding a soulmate might be the end for the couple.

This audiobook really had me enthralled. I liked the touch of magical realism, as well as the quiet and tender romance. I enjoyed both POVs, with Dorian and Hayden telling their parts of the story, and how narrator Kirt Graves made their voices different enough that I could easily distinguish them. The story had a good pace, and that came through in the audio. The time frame is several weeks long, with short separations and enough tension to keep the plot interesting. I loved the resolution, how Hayden and Dorian have completely opposite views on soulmates, and yet are able to find common ground enough to stand together and build a life filled with love.

This is not a spicy read, and the Epilogue had too much resolution for my liking, but the book was definitely intriguing and I enjoyed it a lot.