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Length: Novel


Jesse used to love his family vacations to Greece and the boy that stole his heart, until everything changed. Demetrios was the first boy that showed interest in Jesse, and he was beautiful and everything that Jesse wanted. But when Jesse’s mother fell in love with Demetrios’ father, Jesse had to choose his own father, leaving him estranged from his mother and leaving Greece behind.

Jesse’s heart is now broken once again as his mother has died. They never reconciled and Jesse has never forgotten Demetrios. Demetrios carries the emotional scars as well, as he felt abandoned by Jesse and has never truly gotten over him, even though it’s been years. Demetrios has plenty of bodies to fill his bed, but no one fills his heart like Jesse does. Demetrios is certainly not expecting his now stepbrother to return to Greece for his mother’s funeral. Their chemistry is still fierce after all these years, but they both have family obligations weighing on them. They have to first look at the past if they have any hope of having a future together.

Greek God is part of C.F. White’s Flying into Love series, where a main character flies to a new location for their chance at love. This book is also more somber than some of the others. Jesse’s life became difficult quickly. His mother had an affair and moved to Greece, leaving Jesse with an alcoholic father. He was invited to stay in Greece, but he was so mad at his mother and the situation irrevocably severed their relationship.

Demetrios was Jesse’s first love and, at a young age, they didn’t know how to solve the issues going on around them. Demetrios still wanted to stay in contact with Jesse, but Jesse cut off all communication. But he never forgot Demetrios. Demetrios is known as a smooth guy around his area but, while he has had many partners, his heart is never in it, as he fell in love with Jesse as a teen.

The book deals with a lot of family issues and Jesse and Demetrios have a lot to navigate. The one thing that remains true is their love for each other and their desire to be together. There is just a lot to overcome. I could easily feel the chemistry between them and how right they are for each other, even through all the years and all the miles. The stepbrother element is a non issue for me, and Jesse and Demetrios only technically share that relationship in name only.

This is the seventh book in the series and I still like to read about all the different locations, as the men find their way to love across the miles.