Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Let it Burn is the third book in the Unbreakable Ties series. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal spoilers for the series.

The men have survived one more nightmare together and they are looking forward to life being less chaotic. However, that won’t happen, as Chris’ past knocks on his door. Chris knew his abusive adopted parents had died and Chris tried to turn down the large sum of money they left him. That proved to be difficult, and what Chris didn’t know was that his former adoptive brothers would find him again. Chris is running out of time and Trevor, his former tormentor, isn’t one to wait.

As Anthony and Ethan settle into their new relationship, Chris turns to Jay for help. But the brothers’ plans become more horrifying each day, as Chris fears for his life. Chris wants to leave the past behind, but that’s impossible to do when it shows up taunting him every day.

The first thing to know here is to read the warnings. This book, and this series, is dark and violent and unrelenting. Here, Chris’ past is told in more detail and everything he endured as a child is traumatic. It brings Chris into focus a lot, as it’s remarkable he’s able to function at all, and then add in a high-stress job and family. Chris wants nothing to do with the money left to him, but the will makes it impossible for him to turn it down and his adopted brothers will do whatever is necessary to claim the money.

With each encounter throughout the series, it seems that the men underestimate their rivals. What happens to Chris, and then to Jay, is more trauma and more violence and more horrifying pain and that is really the foundation for this book. It does create a lasting bond between the four friends, but at the end, I didn’t feel like their trauma was going to be dealt with, making them increasingly unstable. Also, there were plot lines opened that didn’t have full resolution, which made the book unbalanced and I would have liked to see the men in the future as well.

This book gives you exactly what it says it will: a hard-hitting story of four friends forced to make impossible decisions as life hits them again and again. If you are looking for trauma and drama and four friends standing together to survive many demons, this is the series for you.