Story Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Joel Leslie
Length: 1 hour, 42 minutes

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Lifelong friends, Freddie and Darcy, have known each other since primary school. Freddie’s a tailor, and he’s got a side gig as a tour guide on literary tours around Bath, England, mostly for Jane Austen fans, because Freddie’s a huge fan of her romance novels. Freddie loves the Regency dress, too, and makes all his own clothes. Darcy drives the bus on their tours, earning a little cash while he finishes up his graduate studies in archeology.

Freddie’s recently begun chatting with a fellow Austen fan on the Heart2Heart app, and he’s desperately hoping it works out, because he’s long been crushing on Darcy. It’s become too difficult for Freddie to spend much time with Darcy, with the strength of his want interfering with their friendship. However, they have a whole day and night together on this tour, and it seems clear that Darcy’s definitely been looking forward to more time with Freddie. And, the visitors aboard the tour start to notice how Darcy keeps his eyes on an oblivious Freddie and clue him in to the possibility that Darcy might return his affection. Freddie’s never noticed, because he’s always trying to not stare at Darcy the way he desires.

I loved the pace and flow of this best-friends-to-lovers romance. Freddie is so sweet and selfless, and he’s so gone for Darcy, his own personal ‘Mr. Darcy,’ who’s so kind and attentive. He’s also fun and flirtatious, and a little silly. The story is utterly charming, with very realistic banter between all the characters. I love how the old ladies get Freddie’s head turned in just the right direction to see how very much Darcy adores him. Narrator, Joel Leslie, brings a lot of different sounding voices to the performance, with varying types of British accents, including male and female timbres. The book is short, less than 2 hours in audio form, and there isn’t a lot of mucking around. Despite lots of characters on the tour, the focus is always on Freddie and Darcy. I had a blast listening and wished I had five or six more hours to romp around with Freddie spouting of some dubious Jane Austen lore, and basking in the afterglow once he and Darcy finally got their mojo going.

This story is definitely recommended for folks who like Austen humor, sweet love stories, and British tailors who finally get the love of their lives.