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Length: Novella


Freddie Evans is a Jane Austen tour guide, frequently accompanied by his best friend, Darcy Griffiths, as the bus driver. Freddie and Darcy have been best friends since childhood, and Freddie is secretly in love with Darcy, but is hesitant to tell him for fear of ruining their friendship. For his part, Darcy has feelings for Freddie as well, but is also scared to share them.

As the two men lead their latest tour, they must deal with mushy newlyweds, a fighting mother and daughter, and some lively seniors. But if they are lucky, they might also realize that their own true love is right there before them.

My Darcy is a sweet and romantic friends-to-lovers novella with a Jane Austen twist. It is clear from both the blurb and the early story that Freddie and Darcy are both into one another and it’s just a matter of time before the guys get brave enough to share their feelings with each other. There is a bit of complication from the fact that both men are talking to potential dates on an app, as well as having to wrangle some unruly tourists. But mostly the story is following along as the men are first clueless, then finally thrilled as they realize that their love is returned. In a longer story, this might have felt a little too simple or reliant on lack of communication, but for a short novella, I think the plot and pacing work just fine.

This story was originally released as part of one of the Heart2Heart anthologies (not clear which one) and it has not changed. I do think perhaps removing references to the Heart2Heart app and just making it a generic chat app the guys are using would have been a little smoother, as it made felt a little jarring to me with the story standing alone. But the story itself works perfectly fine on its own rather than part of a collection and I’m happy Morton has made it available now that the anthology is no longer for sale.

This one is quick and light, with a nice sweetness between two friends who are so clearly gone for one another and just need to figure it out. The setting is fun and the tourists add a bit of humor. If you are looking for a short, light, romantic read, this story is worth checking out.

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