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Frey can’t stand the arrogant Dr. Renato Agosti. The orthopedic surgeon makes everyone miserable at work, including Frey. So Frey amuses himself by regaling his friends with the awful things Renato says to people, as well as irritating Renato by a series of pranks. It may be a little mean, but it’s not like the guy doesn’t deserve it. Plus, Frey is nearly certain that Renato has been messing with him at work too, so he doesn’t feel guilty.

However, one day, Renato’s nerves are fried and Frey goes too far. When Renato loses his temper, neither of them expect him to want to kiss Frey instead of scream at him. And both men are quite surprised to find that they actually want that kiss. And maybe more of them.

Frey’s life is complicated and while his friends all think he has been sleeping with every man in town, Frey’s secret is that he hasn’t actually been with another man since his husband left him and their newborn baby. Jace wanted an easy, social-media perfect life, and having a deaf child with a heart condition didn’t factor into that, so he left both Frey and Rex behind. For his part, Renato lost his husband eight years ago and he hasn’t been with anyone since. He knows he isn’t the easiest man to get along with, but he also wants to help these young doctors succeed and sometimes that means being tough. But he also knows that life has left him a bit beaten down and he isn’t so sure about the path he is on anymore.

As the men continue to feel a pull to one another, what started out as some bouts of hate sex begins to turn to more. Frey comes to understand a lot more about who Renato is behind the arrogant and sometimes cruel attitude. And Renato sees the softer, more vulnerable side of Jace, rather than the confident mask he wears with his friends. Both men begin to wonder if maybe they aren’t meant to be alone for the rest of their lives, but if there could be a chance at finding love again. But neither Frey nor Renato are sure they are worthy or wanted. Now, both men have to decide if they are ready to open themselves up to another relationship and give themselves a chance at happiness together.

Resisting You is the second book in E.M. Lindsey’s Words We Never Said series, following the excellent Knowing You. This is a single dads, found family series and we meet Frey in the first book and learn a bit about his feud with Renato. We also see the group of men appear in each other’s books, so Bowen and Lane play a role as Frey’s good friends here. That said, I think this story stands alone fine plotwise, though reading the first book will give you more familiarity with this engaging group of men.

This one is a full-blown enemies to lovers and I like that Lindsey just goes for it here. This isn’t Frey secretly attracted to Renato and poking at him for attention. He loathes the man, and Renato feels the same in return. Even as they are having hate sex with one another, it takes a while before there is more there than pure physical chemistry between them. But slowly, the men begin to get to know each other and find they actual begin to like one another. I also appreciated that both men make mistakes here. While Renato feels like he is helping his residents by being tough on them, he is shocked when he realizes just how grumpy and miserable he has become. And for all that Frey is hurt that people are quick to judge him for his supposed promiscuity, he never takes the time to get to know Renato, just terrorize him at work with never ending “annoyances” that often leave Renato really shaken up. So there is some bad behavior here all around, but also a lot of time seeing both men really open up and get to know one another. They share their softer sides and their secrets and realize that there can still be more for them than what they expected from their lives.

I love a found family story and I am really enjoying the dynamic among the men in the single dads group. I love the way they just show up for each other, ready to jump in with a listening ear or a night of babysitting or a hug. When they are all mushy and sweet with one another, it makes me all gooey inside. We see the group be such a source of support for Frey as he works through things with Renato, and how they immediate accept responsibility when they realize how they have jumped to conclusions about Frey. I am really enjoying their dynamic and looking forward to seeing them all get their stories.

Overall, I found this another great installment in the series. There is just a soft, sweetness to these books, balanced with a lot of heat and fire between the characters. I can’t wait for more and to see which couple is next.

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