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Length: Novel


The SOS Hotel books are an ongoing series that should be read from the beginning. This review will then naturally reveal plot points for the series.

It’s the third week the SOS Hotel has been open. There are guests staying in the hotel and no one has died in a few days—but there is that body buried in the flowers that Adam hasn’t been able to tell Zee about yet. Adam and Zee spend time together when they can and their relationship is evolving, but Sebastian has demanded that Zee return to the club and Zee has no choice but to comply.

Adam is determined to find Zee’s contract and make it so that Zee never has to see Sebastian again. Adam and Reynard investigation’s backfires when Sebastian retaliates, causing Zee even more harm, but Adam is still determined. Adam wants to convince everyone that he is just one small human, but he keeps getting himself into situations that are starting to interfere with those plans. With a demon and a vampire as a constant in his life now, Adam is determined to keep his friends safe and the hotel open for business, while still trying to protect his own truth.

The SOS Hotel series is a fun, edgy series with a darker side. This third book gives us more detail on Zee and how he came to belong to Sebastian. Once the veil closed, Zee was sold to Sebastian and he has resigned himself to the fact that he will never be able to get out from under him. Zee tries to brush it all off as he tries to protect the other demons, but Adam sees what each encounter costs Zee. Adam is determined and, because he looks human and small, he gets underestimated.

The relationship between Adam and Zee is becoming stronger as well and they are navigating what that means for them and what it means that they are both attracted to Reynard. Vampires and demons are natural enemies here, so it’s a lot for Reynard and Zee to admit they have an attraction.

The story takes Adam and Reynard on a trip to seek information on Zee and, while what we learn about the location where they arrive isn’t shown on page, the subject matter was not what I wanted to read about and that pulled the enjoyment of the book down a little.

Tom Collins is still a fixture in the bar and there seems like there is a lot more to him as well and he adds some dry humor to the mix. The relationship between the three men is slower to evolve and I still feel like I don’t have a good handle on Reynard’s intentions. The highlight of the book for me is Adam (although Zee will say he is). I really enjoy his inner dialogue as he tries to stay off everyone’s radar and fails and I’m waiting for his secrets to spill out.

This series is great entertainment and distinct from other books I have read recently and I look forward to each opportunity to enter the SOS Hotel.