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Cam is back at college, two years after his overdose. Since coming back to school, Cam has worked hard at his job and his classes, and stayed away from anything that could lead him to trouble. He has fabulous roommates who are close friends, but seeing them all happily coupled up isn’t easy for him. One night, Cam decides to head out to a club alone. When he sees a glory hole in one of the bathroom stalls, Cam is kind of shocked, but also surprised at how unexpectedly hot he finds the idea. And when a stranger enters the stall next door, Cam takes a chance on an anonymous encounter. The whole experience is out of character for him, but it’s also a night that Cam can’t get out of his mind. In fact, he is eager for a chance to repeat the encounter.

Grady is a university professor with a popular class and a book on the verge of being published. Grady too has never had a night like the one in the bar, but he is also having a hard time putting it out of his mind. Grady can also admit to himself he is finding one of his students attractive and he enjoys his time talking to Cam. But getting involved with a student is a line he knows he can never cross.

When Grady and Cam realize that they are each other’s mystery club hookups, Grady is determined to keep his distance. He knows continuing anything with Cam when he is his student is completely off limits. But the chemistry that flared between them is not fading and the men ultimately give in to the attraction between them. They know it is a risk; Grady could lose his job if anyone found out about them. But as the guys get to know each other better, they realize it is not just a sexual connection, but an emotional one as well. Now, the men have to figure out if there is a chance that there can be anything more between them, or if their relationship is too complicated to succeed.

Teach Me is the fourth book in Neve Wilder’s Extracurricular Activities series. These are new adult stories that take place among a group of friends and roommates. Cam has been a background character in the other books, as his overdose affected several of the other main characters. We also see all three of the other couples here to varying degrees. I think this story can stand alone if you don’t mind unfamiliarity with the other backstories, but it will be richer if you have read some of the other books in the series.

The first part of this story focuses on the hot bathroom encounter in the club and the subsequent connection between the men. I know glory hole encounters are not everyone’s thing (mine included), but Wilder manages to really build the sexual tension and show how Grady and Cam find themselves surprisingly into the experience. They both want to meet again and end up reconnecting, though they don’t meet face-to-face. Alongside that, we see the men meeting as teacher and student, not recognizing one another from the club. Grady often frequents the diner where Cam works, and Grady is Cam’s teacher, so it gives them a chance for friendly interaction. I think it sets things up well for the big reveal for when they finally realize the connection, as well as the tension between knowing they should stay away from each other, but are already so drawn together.

The men first try to stay apart, but ultimately give in to the attraction and start seeing one another. The story then sort of skips ahead, telling us they are hanging out and getting to know one another, but not showing it on page. So while I could totally buy the intense sexual chemistry, I didn’t feel like we get enough chance to develop the romantic side, as we don’t see the relationship really develop. They just jump into these intense feelings and I wished for more of the build to be shown on page. But ultimately it all comes together well for Cam and Grady and the men get a nice HEA in a way that made sense given their circumstances.

As I said, we get to see the other series couples here and I enjoyed reconnecting with them. Nate and Eric will always be my favorites of the bunch, but I think it was nice to see the whole group together as they are moving forward with their lives. I enjoyed getting a chance to get Cam’s story after hearing about him throughout the books and I think this one is a sexy student/teacher story that fans of new adult stories will enjoy.

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