Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Levi had a traumatic childhood that has followed him into adulthood. He has seen things that no child, no person, should ever see, and his life is filled with one nightmare after the next. Levi was adopted as a young boy by a man that owns a funeral home and the only comfort Levi can find is gifts left on victims from the man that killed his mother’s killer. Working as a mortician was never Levi’s dream, but his dreams died a long time ago. Levi is so fascinated by the gifts that he has turned them into permanent artwork all over his body, and Levi will do whatever it takes to keep his Killer safe, especially now that he knows that the gifts are specifically for him.

Jonah has been killing for a long time and he never makes mistakes. Until the first time he leaves evidence behind on one of his victims and has to retrieve it. At the morgue, he sees Jonah not only admiring his work, but covering it up. Jonah has no idea why Levi would do that and he needs to find out who Levi thinks Jonah is. Getting to know Levi is nothing like Jonah expected and Levi starts to infiltrate the walls that have become part of who Jonah is. Jonah knows he’s not worthy of love and he’s unprepared to learn of the connection that he and Levi have from he past, but Levi and Jonah can change each other’s futures.

There is an interesting set up to how Levi and Jonah meet and I was intrigued from the start. Levi has had a traumatic life and, although his adoptive father is good to him, Levi has emotional scars that can never be erased. Levi lives in a small town that is known as one of the safest places to live and vacation, but there are many secrets and many coverups in this town. Levi has now taken over a lot of the duties in the morgue when the bodies come in and, in some ways, Levi looks forward to seeing if there are any messages left on the bodies from the person Levi refers to as his Killer.

Jonah has been killing for years. He feels the compulsion and he channels that into people who he feels wouldn’t be missed for a variety of unsavory reasons. And, killing in this small town where appearances are everything, helps Jonah remain undetected.

The book isn’t necessarily grounded in reality, as Levi needed much more psychological help than he ever got. Also, as far as the town they live in, I would have liked more depth as to the what and why of what was going on there.

There is a lot of darkness in this book, a lot of blood, and many scenarios with unhinged characters. The book is twisted and twisty and it’s fun getting to the finish line. There were openings left for more stories in this world and, although all of their possessive and obsessive relationship is a few steps beyond unhealthy, I would return for more.