new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week and Happy Pride Month! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the year and into June. Believe it or not, we have already started getting review requests for winter holiday stories! It is amazing how much time flies.

We are keeping busy at home and enjoying the short burst of nice weather we get in the DC area between cold winter and gross sticky summers. So I am trying to get outside every day for at least a little while, which is surprisingly tricky working from home doing a desk job. But we broke out the grill for the first time this season and it made it feel like officially summer!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the start of June and assorted Pride festivities! Here is what we have planned on the blog this week…

  • Review: Dude Magnet by Gregory Ashe (Jay)
  • Review: Becoming Ted by Matt Cain (Jovan)
  • Review: The Uncanny Aviator by Jenya Keefe (Camille)
  • Review: Pump Fake by Brooklyn Cate (Veronica)

  • Review: The Guy in the Alley by Cara Dee (Jay)
  • Review: We Could be Heroes by Phillip Ellis (Camille)
  • Review: One Killer Problem by Justine Purcella Winans (Veronica)

  • May Favorite Books
  • May Favorite Covers
  • Review: Take All of Us by Natalie Leif (Elizabeth)
  • Cover Reveal: Death and the Devil series by L.J. Hayward

  • Review: The Necromancer’s War by Sheena Jolie (Jay)
  • Review: Junkyard Heart by Garrett Leigh (Michelle)
  • Review: Seamark by Cari Z (Veronica)
  • Guest Post: My Not So Super Blind Date by Allison Temple

  • Review: Deadly Little Sparrow by K.M. Neuhold (Jay)
  • Review: Our Radiant Embers by Zarah Detand (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: The Hookup Mix-Up by Riley Hart

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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