Today I am so pleased to welcome Max Walker to Joyfully Jay. Max has come to talk to us about his latest release, Level Up. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Jay’s hazel gaze shimmered. He stayed silent for a bit before he spoke. “You know… I keep thinking about the other night in the stall at Shenanigans.”

“I do, too.” Damn, even bringing it up was getting me hard. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so the fabric of my gray shorts was already beginning to shift. I put my hand on his, which allowed me to use my forearm to press down on my growing dick.

“Do you regret it?” I had to ask. I half expected him to say yes, knowing how he felt about my family’s business. It would hurt like a motherfucker, but I think I would have understood. Or at least I liked to believe that I would have.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to find out. “No,” he answered almost instantly. “Not in the slightest.”

And before I could even blink, we were kissing, my hands cupping his face. I gently guided him back so that he could lie on the bed, our tongues still probing and swirling. I got on top of him, rutting myself against him, the passion between us roaring like an out-of-control wildfire.

I pulled his shirt off, he took mine off. I sat on his lap. Admired his body. My fingers traced over the dip in his chest, the nipples that were hard to the touch.

“You’re so hot.”

He smiled up at me. There was a growing blaze in those green eyes.

I leaned down. Pressed my lips against the subtle rise of his clavicle. He sucked in a breath. I moved down to his chest. My targets became the dark beauty marks that dotted the landscape of his soft, tan skin.

“This okay for being ‘just roommates’?” I teased.


level up coverCover Designer: Natasha Snow

Franklin University Series Season 2, Book 4

Joey ‘Jay’ Cruz

Moving to San Luco wasn’t my choice. I was kicked out of my old school because of a protest I organized that went south. Now, I was attending Franklin University with only a semester left until graduation and not knowing a single soul.

Until I meet Ryan Redpine at a frat party. He’s handsome, muscular, has a great smile, and I quickly find out he’s the son of a CEO hell-bent on destroying the environment.

I push Ryan out of my mind, deciding to keep my sanity and morals in tact.

But fate had other plans. When Ryan ended up as my surprise dorm mate, avoiding him became impossible. And so was avoiding the feelings that started to develop… Maybe getting expelled wasn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Maybe it was actually the best?

Ryan Redpine

Jay entered my life like a lightning bolt.

I’d never met someone I was so attracted to, and someone who clearly didn’t want me. The moment he learned about my dad, he shut me out. Then I get reassigned to his dorm. Cue complications, especially when his bed breaks and we’re forced to share.

Things quickly heat up, but Jay’s adamant about keeping us under wraps. He’s planning this big protest at the beach for an oil drilling project and doesn’t want my family name tied to it.

So how do I tell Jay my dad is one of the backers? And how do I make sure I don’t lose him in the process?


max walker bio photoMax Walker lives in Atlanta with his partner of over 14 years. He’s the best-selling author of the fantasy series, Magic & Marvels, along with his contemporary series, Stonewall Investigations & The Book Club Boys. He’s incredibly excited to be enrolling at FU with a group of exceptionally talented authors.

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