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Exclusive Excerpt

Adam sighed, shoving his hair away with one hand. It promptly fell over his forehead again. “Look, what I’m trying to get at is this: we can do this efficiently, in a way that lets you save face.”

Wow, the condescension was strong in this one.

I aimed for polite curiosity. “Do enlighten me.”

“We use our model as a basis.” He felt an unnecessary need to nod at said model, sitting between us in all its smug perfection. “Here and there, we add a few of your ideas, like those waste recycling units. We present it to the cabinet as our aligned plan, get their buy-in, and then you can focus on those isolated aspects while we take care of the rest.”

Objectively, I could maybe, possibly, see that he had about one-third of a point. I didn’t feel very objective. “No.” 

Adam’s smile drained away like water. “No?” 

I leaned back in my chair, studying him. My dad had asked me to tread lightly while I was here—‘they’re ruthless, Liam’—and I didn’t intend to poke a disgruntled dragon. But Adam was…Oh, he was a Harrington in how he carried himself, yes. Entitlement flowed through his veins, and he was impressively powerful. But I’d never been afraid of him. 

“No is that word,” I began, “that people use when they don’t agree with you. I expect there’s a dictionary somewhere on that shelf over there, in case you want to look it up. I don’t mind waiting.”

Instead of a response, Adam took a calm sip of his coffee, watching me over the rim. It made me realise that the silence in this house bothered me. It was striking, almost physical in its intensity and vastly different from my family’s home where it was never truly quiet, people talking over each other, music playing somewhere, and the distant hum of the North Circular filtering in when the wind was right. 

“Studying me like I’m a fascinating scientific specimen won’t change my answer,” I told him. 

“I’m just trying to understand your rationale.”

“You could consider asking.” 

Something close to amusement flashed in his eyes and faded again, tension pulling at the corners of his mouth. “You’re a smart guy—”

“Careful there,” I interrupted. “Continue buttering me up and it’ll become a slip hazard around here.”

Adam shot me a narrow-eyed look. “You’re a smart guy, and you’re not delusional. You know this is too big for your family. So why insist on being hands-on when I’m offering you an alternative that’ll let you save face?” He paused, brow furrowing ever so slightly. “The project running smoothly will reflect well on you, too.”

In all fairness, it made sense—in a ‘may your throne crumble under the weight of your conceit’ kind of way, granted. But sense nonetheless. 

“True.” I let it sit between us for a moment. “It will also reflect on us how we treat the people who work for the project—and that’s where I don’t trust your family.” 

Blunt? Yes. He’d been too, though, so he could hardly complain. Also, the last time we’d discussed this topic had been a slippery slope to…yeah, well

Adam leaned back in his chair, oozing defiant confidence. “You keep waffling on about that.”

“Ever visited an active construction site?” 

“I visit sometimes.” 

I flicked him a dismissive look. “Really.”


“And what, exactly, would someone like you be doing there?”

His chin tipped up. Without a word, he set his coffee down, rose from his chair, and walked past me. Since I was only human, I let my gaze linger on the way his trousers clung to his exasperatingly perfect arse. Yeah, he was hot. Too bad about the personality. 

He turned with a decorative sand bottle in his hands, a twitch of his lips hinting that he’d caught me looking. That was fine; I hadn’t aimed for subtlety. 

“Quaint,” I commented, crossing one leg over the other. “Didn’t take you for the kind of guy who keeps beach souvenirs. It’s so…plebeian.” 

Still no response from him. He removed the cork and set it aside. Then, after offering me an edged smile, he threw the sand in the air. 

And lit it on fire. 


our radiant embers coverTheir rivalry? Explosive. Their chemistry? Magical.

When a regrettable drunken hookup becomes your partner in a high-stakes magical project, sparks are bound to fly—just not the kind Liam Morgan was hoping for. Teaming up with Adam Harrington, the golden boy of a legendary magical lineage, was not on his to-do list.

Adam, the epitome of tailored perfection, has accepted the need to lock his true self in the closet. Liam, on the other hand, wears his nonconformity like a badge of honour, challenging the elite’s silken norms with every step he takes.

Tasked with revolutionising urban development in an eco-friendly manner, their forced collaboration is marked by snark, resentment, and a magnetic undercurrent of attraction. But as their reluctant partnership turns into a bond that’s hard to deny, a plot for power simmers, threatening to unleash chaos that could sweep the city into a maelstrom of uncontrolled magic.

This contemporary MM romance is a romp through a magically infused London. It interweaves snappy banter, enemies to lovers, and political intrigue with a slow-burn kind of love that can save a city.


zarah detand logoAuthor of M/M romances. Chaos monkey and coffee snob. Loves a good book, a well-crafted White Russian, and long walks to the closest supermarket.

People in love with other people is her jam, with a particular penchant for snappy dialogue and a slow burn that is all the more satisfying once it finally catches fire. Playing with tropes of the famous-meets-non-famous variation? Bring it on! Fake relationships? Yes, please. All’s fair as long as everyone gets their happy ending.


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