Today I am so pleased to welcome Riley Hart to Joyfully Jay. Riley has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Hookup Mix-Up. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

(Perry’s POV)

The house is packed. It’s hard to maneuver through the sea of bodies. There’s a Drake song playing, and once I hit the living room, my gaze snags on a guy dancing on the coffee table. He’s hot, there’s no denying that, with a scruffy jaw, short, honey-brown curls, and a smile that looks like it wants to take over his face. He’s just a little shorter than me, but broader, and he has one of those little dimples in his chin.

Please be queer, please be queer, please be queer.

My feet automatically take me in his direction. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with saying hi, making a new friend and all that. As if fate is finally on my side, as soon as I get close, Hot Dancing Guy’s foot slips off the corner of the table and he starts to go down. I catch him, which isn’t super easy, and okay, it might not be a perfect catch, but at least he doesn’t go down on his ass. He’s hanging from my arms, a contagious laugh falling from his lips.

“Good thing I was here. I just saved your life.” I grin, the flirty one I know is full of mischief.

“My hero,” Hot Dancing Guy says, and I get a few small pings from my queer-o-meter. I think this guy might swing my way, but I’m not willing to bet money on it yet.

He pushes to his feet, and I instantly miss holding him. “How are you going to repay me?” I tease.

“Beer?” he asks, before trying to take a drink from his Solo cup. “Oops. Empty.”

“It was empty before you fell, I think.”

“I didn’t fall because my knight in shining armor caught me.” He laughs. I’m not sure what’s funny, but I chuckle too because it’s impossible not to when he laughs.

“You should call me that from now on.”

“Since I don’t know your name, it’s hard to call you anything else. Come on, Knight. Let’s get a drink.”

He wraps his hand around my wrist and begins tugging me through the crowd. It’s clear Hot Dancing Guy is feeling a pretty good buzz right now. He high-fives nearly every person who makes eye contact with him as we make our way to the kitchen.


the hookup mix-up coverCover Designer: Natasha Snow
Model: Austyn – Photographer: Cadwallader Photography

Franklin University Series Season 2, Book 1

I moved to San Luco to get to know my brother, and so far, it’s been great. Working as a bartender at Shenanigans, a bar close to Franklin University, there are beautiful men and women everywhere. When a hot guy falls into my arms at a party, I’m down for some naughty fun. Until I realize he’s way too drunk for anything to happen. Thankfully, we agree to meet up the next day.

One near kiss later, I discover Theo has no idea I’ve been hitting on him. He thinks we’re hanging out as buddies, and to my great regret, says he’s straight. How did I misread this situation when I thought he was giving me all the right signals?

Perry thinks I’m a nine…a nine! Sure, I’m not into dudes, but it’s flattering that someone as attractive as him thinks I’m hot. Despite the confusion, Perry and I click and agree to keep hanging out. The more time I spend with him, the more I realize there’s a part of myself I’ve been ignoring. One that’s super bi and wants Perry as more than a friend.

Trying to study with him makes things hard for me…below the belt. Unfortunately, his abandonment issues have him open to a fling and nothing more, while I’m catching feelings in a big way. Can I be satisfied with a hookup? Or should I find a way to convince him to take a chance on making this something real?


riley hart logo imageRiley Hart has always been known as the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She won her first writing contest in elementary school, and although she primarily focuses on male/male romance, under her various pen names, she’s written a little bit of everything. Regardless of the sub-genre, there’s always one common theme and that’s…romance! No surprise seeing as she’s a hopeless romantic herself. Riley’s a lover of character-driven plots, flawed characters, and always tries to write stories and characters people can relate to. She believes everyone deserves to see themselves in the books they read. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her reading or enjoying time with her awesome family in their home in North Carolina.

Riley Hart is represented by Jane Dystel at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret Literary Management. She’s a 2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Of Sunlight and Stardust. Under her pen name, her young adult novel, The History of Us is an ALA Rainbow Booklist Recommended Read and Turn the World Upside Down is a Florida Authors and Publishers President’s Book Award Winner.
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