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Length: Novella


It’s been a year since Marsh and Levi got married for the first time. It was out of convenience to help with their jobs and Levi’s need for funds. And now, they are getting married again, this time because they are madly in love and want to celebrate their bond in front of family and friends. It’s supposed to be a quiet week, but when they get called in by a friend to investigate a break in, Levi and Marsh end up in the middle of an unexpected case. But the clock is ticking, as their wedding is in less than a week, and their son David is not taking any excuses for them not making it to the altar. Now, Levi and Marsh, with the help of some friends, will be solving a new break in and an old murder and, when they’re done, they will be ready to celebrate their love and their lives together.

Best Play is a novella that serves as an extended epilogue for Marsh and Levi from Layla Reyne’s excellent Perfect Play series. This one is best read by fans of the series and serves as a delicious treat for those of us who love Levi and Marsh. I loved the full circle moment that a year after their first wedding, which was nothing more than a marriage of convenience, the guys are now getting married again, this time with their whole hearts involved. This one is nicely mushy, romantic, and sexy, giving us a chance to see how much these men have come to love one another. The story is really a celebration of their relationship and it is clear how much they care about one another. They also have formed this lovely family, not just with their son David, from Levi’s first marriage, but also with friends who have become family.

Along with the relationship side, Reyne also gives the guys a case to solve, which I thought worked well to further develop the story into something that feels really complete. The case involves a basketball player formerly coached by their friend Jamie Walker (co-star of Reyne’s Agents Irish and Whiskey series). The man has had his house burgled and the local cops aren’t doing much about it and Jamie is hoping Marsh and Levi can help. The case isn’t the focus of the book, and this isn’t as hard hitting a mystery as most of Reyne’s romantic suspense, but there is just enough here to enhance the larger wedding plot. The case also allows some of their extended law enforcement friends to get involved too and, as with most of Reyne’s books set in this extended universe, expect lots of cameos from folks from past series. We also meet some new characters and I’m hoping we might be leading into some new stories stemming from this one.

I found this story a lot of fun and a great way to tie things up for Levi and Marsh. I really enjoy this couple and this is a great ending for them, giving us a chance to see how far they’ve come and how happy they are together. If you are a fan of this series, I think this is a must read. And for new folks, it is a great time to check out this series from the start.

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