Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Nico is determined to put his modeling days behind him. He’s making strides working for his ex, Emery Hazard, and going to graduate school. But the issue is that Nico still looks like a model and, since that’s what most people see first, academia isn’t any kinder to him. Nico is attending a workshop on a college campus and he is determined to look professional and further his career.

Jadon is struggling in his job as a policeman. His last partner left lasting trauma and Jadon is determined not to be distracted. Jadon got wrapped up in his text exchanges with Nico in the past, but when he felt he had nothing to offer Nico, he ghosted him. Running into Nico again staying on campus wasn’t on his radar and now Jadon is distracted with thoughts of Nico.

Nico is resistant to opening himself back up to Jadon, even when Jadon tells him about danger lurking on campus. There is a stalker that remains elusive to capture and Nico is his next target. Jadon wants to stay close to protect Nico, and spending more time together makes them realize they might be exactly what the other needs.

This book is the second in the series that the author is calling Hazardverse: Sidetracks. I somehow missed the first in the series, Tangents, which is a collection of short stories. One of those stories details how Nico and Jadon met and the text exchanges they shared. Until I realized that, I felt that I was missing something here in this book. I am familiar with Nico from the Hazard and Somerset books, and Jadon is a familiar name from the Borealis Investigations series, but I had less recall for Jadon’s full story. This is definitely a book that you want to read while having some sense of this world.

I was thrilled to see that Nico had his own story. He certainly deserves some happiness after all he has been through. There is a connection between him and Jadon, but even with Nico’s past success as a model, he is still insecure. In keeping with this series, there is a serial attacker on the campus and Nico is his next target. This mystery didn’t flow as well for me into the story and, after the reveal, I had questions that weren’t answered.

Jadon and Nico had many issues to work through, both separately and together, but it’s clear that they could have something special and, although getting together was challenging, it was rewarding to see them get their HEA. We get to see Emery, which is always fun, and he is still protective of Nico. If you have been following this world, this is the next book you want to read.