Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Ari is going to get married to the alpha of his father’s dreams. Well, to the family of his father’s dreams. While Ari’s family is wealthy and connected, they’re not quite as wealthy and connected as Clyve Ingraham, with his old-fashioned ideas of what an omega should be. Clyve wants a passive, obedient, brainless mate to produce children and look good on his arm.

Ari, on the other hand, wants something completely different. He wants to be chased through the woods, hunted like prey, and then be forced to his knees to take the alpha’s knot. It’s not something he can get from just any alpha, so his best friend and fellow omega, Hayden, introduces Ari to the Dark Fantasies Club where he can connect with a compatible alpha and have one last good memory before his wedding.

Samson turns out to be everything Ari wants; he is massive, playful, charming, and considerate. Even in the middle of their fun, he’s constantly checking in, giving Ari ample chances to slow down or even stop the game if he wants. Instead, Ari is delighted and only wants more. When their session comes to an end, Ari is left with conflicted feelings, because it wasn’t just sex, was it? The bond they feel between them isn’t just that of two people who share a sexual passion. It’s something more, something real.

But life isn’t a fairy tale. When Ari and Sampson head back to Ari’s campsite, they realize they’re not the only ones in the forest. Something dark is waiting for them, something that would do anything to tear the two of them apart.

Ari is young, rich, and sex positive. He knows what he likes and goes out of his way to get it; he’s also not looking to cheat on his husband-to-be. His thoughts are all about having fun first, and then settling down to be the obedient omega mate of his husband and parent to his children. It’s not what he wants, but Ari will do it for his family and because he doesn’t feel like there’s any other option out there for him; if he says no, or runs away, what’s to stop his husband’s powerful family from hunting him down? It leaves Ari a little passive in the first half of the book, but when he realizes what he has with Sampson, he starts thinking of a future that doesn’t involve Clyve.

Sampson likes sex; he likes it dark, he likes it hard, and he likes it with young omegas. He has this inner thought about how he stays on the fetish website in order to fuck the omegas first before they get plucked up by a predator or human trafficker, but the fact is, Sampson likes to fuck young omegas who, like him, enjoy consensual non-consent and bondage. His personality is less developed than Ari’s, with much of his role being taken up by being the man of Ari’s dreams, and then a hero to save him.

Personally, while the sex was good, the romance fell flat for me. Other than sex — and lots of it — with orgasms a’ plenty, there’s no relationship. It’s all the biological imperative of fucking and being fucked, and then boom!, fated mates, end of story. The pacing of the book is also off. The story has two distinct parts, with the first half being almost pure erotica. Ari’s kinks are consensual non-consent (aka rape play) with a side of breeding. There’s knotting, all sorts of slick (so if you’re not a fan of fluids, you’ll want to skip this book), and bondage, as Ari likes to be restrained. Then there’s the sharp left turn into the plot, which is well done, but the meshing between the two parts didn’t quite work for me.

This is the first book in the Omegas After Dark series and it’s well written. It’s just that without being able to believe the romance between the main couple, and the abrupt tonal shift between the fucking half and the fighting half, I didn’t really enjoy this book as much as I wanted to. However, that’s just me. If you give this book a try, I hope you enjoy it!