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Length: Novel


Honey Cut is the second full length book in the Lyonesse series. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal plot points of the series.

Isolde Laurence is getting married soon. The marriage has been arranged for years through her billionaire father and Isolde has only seen her fiancé, Mark Trevena, a few times. Each time, Mark left Isolde off balance and it’s necessary for Isolde to get that balance back. But Mark has been playing this game for much longer than Isolde and, although Isolde has an agenda, she is wildly inexperienced when it comes to Mark. Isolde also was not prepared for Tristan Thomas, Mark’s bodyguard and former lover, and after Isolde and Tristan’s voyage across the sea, they are finding it difficult to stay away from each other.

There is more to Isolde than the beautiful, cultured woman people see at first glance, however. She spent her entire life training physically and spiritually and although her dream of being a nun is now obsolete, she is still dedicated to her god and helping her uncle, the bishop.

But living at Lyonesse is different than anything Isolde has ever experienced and the jealousy between her, Mark, and Tristan is going to reach a breaking point. Falling in love with her husband, Mark, was certainly never the plan and falling in love with Tristan was unthinkable, but Isolde finds herself in an overly complicated situation. And that situation is further complicated by the tasks set forth for Isolde by her uncle and there is a darkness and treachery that now owns Isolde. But Mark is the master at keeping secrets and Isolde may be sleeping next to the devil.

I was so captivated by the prequel, Salt in the Wound, and then the first full book in this series, Salt Kiss, that after reading the books, I listened to both audios in preparation for this second full-length book. The narration on both audios is amazing and got me even more excited in anticipation of Honey Cut.

This book picks up directly after Salt Kiss, as Isolde and Tristan arrive back at Lyonesse and have to hide their feelings for each other. The book is told from Isolde and Tristan’s points of view and Tristan’s agony is so clearly evident on page and so well written. He knows he falls too hard too fast, but he never expected to fall so hard for both Mark and Isolde, have them for a little while, and then not be able to have either one.

This is a twisty plot and I was waiting for more of Isolde to be revealed and I was not at all surprised to see there was a lot more going on with her. I did start to feel a little sorry for her as she thinks she is in control, but she absolutely is not. Mark is in control, and Isolde’s uncle is in control, but certainly not Isolde. Mark is ruthless and deals in information and it was a little bit laughable for Isolde to think she ever knew more than Mark.

The relationship and lust between the three of them is turned up high as the story moves along. There is no communication here as to what everyone wants for many reasons. But Simone writes kink and intimacy and raw need so well and it’s effortless to get lost in their scenes and their story.

While I know that the big reveal is getting Mark’s POV, which will be the next book, I did feel that I would have liked a little more from him here to help build the story. There are a lot of moving parts and, while the author keeps everything moving with skill, there is still too much unknown going into the final book. And, I am ready to know if the security breaches at Lyonesse are planned, because if not, Mark certainly can get a better security team.

Honey Cut crosses time lines with the author’s New Camelot series and there are fun cameos. A Sierra Simone book is always an event and I look forward to everything she writes. The plots are always layered and engaging, the characters so well formed, and the intimate scenes packed with chemistry and heat. This book does not tie anything up and I will now anxiously await the conclusion, as there is still a lot of story left for Mark, Tristan, and Isolde.