Rating: 2 stars
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Length: Novel


Kai is excited to meet Eden, the man that he has been messaging with for a while. It’s finally the night of their first date and Kai is all in. He’s lonely, with no family except for his best friend, Nola, and he’s looking for something good in his life. Kai’s date with Eden is everything he wants, but when Eden wants to take things slower and declines to come in at the end of the night, Kai is feeling a little deflated. But that is short lived when Kai is abducted near his home. He wakes in a concrete room with a chain wrapped around his neck and he’s shocked to find Eden chained next to him.

Eden was trying to save Kai, but got himself in a terrible place. Now, the men have to figure out what their captors want with them and how they are going to survive together.

This book sounded like it would have an interesting dark story line and, while the plot itself is darker, the execution is not. I do enjoy trying new authors, but this debut book lacked polish and any depth to the plot line.

Kai is all snark and sass. When he wakes up to realize he has been drugged and abducted, his first thoughts are that he never got to show his date his BJ skills. It’s not just an initial reaction, this is just how Kai is. There are two other captives in the room with Kai and Eden and they are not well drawn characters and the entire situation wasn’t well done. “Dr Evil,” the bad guy, is not developed at all and comes across as a disembodied voice. The plot line of why they were abducted is thin and not well put together and it was difficult to take any of this seriously.

The men to stick together as much as possible, so much so that even though they are chained around the neck and to the wall and it’s described how their movements are limited, they still figure out a way to be intimate on the dirty mattress while being held captive. The resolution was just as weak as the rest of the story and, for my tastes, this was simply not a well-developed book.

There are a lot of triggers listed for this book. but if you are looking for a darker, hard hitting abduction story, this is not it.