Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Jas grew up with his mother in London, but spent the summers on his father’s farm in Porth Ewan, with his two half brothers. He never felt that he fit in as well in the seaside town, but after heartbreak consumes him in London, Jas retreats to the farm and the family project of opening a canteen. It’s not long before he meets Kim and while Kim’s handmade furniture catches Jas’ eye, it’s the man himself that truly captivates Jas. When a photography job has Jas and Kim in the same place, a hot impromptu hook up sends their desire for each other sky rocketing.

The men know they are limited in what they can give each other, but their connection is beyond reason. So Jas and Kim become friends…with benefits…only they both know it’s way more right from the start. Kim’s carefree appearance is simply a front for all the demons he’s carrying. His goal is to be a retired alcoholic, but that is one demon that he finds hard to defeat and Jas’ heart is so battered he can’t trust again.

When Kim is hired to build the furniture for the canteen, their connection grows even more, but Kim’s demons threaten his balance and one move could have his world toppling all over again. The men not only want each other, but need each other, and together they have to prove to each other, and themselves, that they deserve to be loved.

I read the first version of this book in 2016 when it was published as part of the Porthkennack series, which is now be republished and set in the town of Porth Ewan Bay. The author states the book has been revised and edited, but that it is still set in 2016. I was all in for this book and for Jas and Kim when I first read it years ago. The vibe and mood of the book was spot on for me and I have carried scenes of this book as nice memories for years. It was fabulous getting to see Kim and Jas again and, while I still enjoyed the book, it didn’t affect me quite the same as years ago.

The book still has that somber feel that fits in well with the seaside town where the men live. The book is told through Jas’ POV, as he’s come back to Porth Ewan after his life was turned upside down by his now ex-boyfriend. His father, brothers, and stepmother live on a farm there and, while they are overjoyed to have him nearby, Jas doesn’t feel like he fits in, since he didn’t grow up in the close-knit town by the sea.

Jas and Kim are wildly attracted to each other from the start and act on it immediately. They both feel a deeper connection, but they both have reasons for wanting to keep the other at a distance. They can’t seem to sync up with each other emotionally and wind up causing unexpected pain to the other. Jas and Kim both have real issues that leave them a little bit broken, but there is hope for them and there is love for them to reach out and grab onto. It’s a journey for Jas and Kim to find happiness with themselves and with each other and they know there is no one else for either of them.

There are cameos of Brix and Calum from House of Cards, which is always fun to see. The book also now has a tie-in to the Rebel Kings MC series and while I don’t find familiarity with that is needed, other readers of the series might find that useful. It was nostalgic to visit again with Jas and Kim after all these years and they definitely a couple worth getting to know.