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Victor and Oliver are happily in love and Victor is ready to propose. He knows Oliver is expecting it, and he knows in his heart that Oliver will say yes, but Victor can’t help but have a little bit of fear that something will ruin this happiness he has found with Oliver. For his part, Oliver is anticipating the proposal and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with the man he loves. But Oliver has also been hurt in his past and, like Victor, can’t help his twinges of anxiety about the future.

Once the men get engaged, it’s chance for them to plan their dream wedding with their friends. Victor wants to give Oliver everything his heart desires and more, and Oliver has visions for the perfect wedding. The lead up to the ceremony is not without its hitches, but the wedding is perfect and exactly what Victor and Oliver want to start their married lives together. The men know they are meant to be together forever, and their wedding is just the next step toward their future.

Pretty Boy is book three in E.M. Lindsey’s excellent Beginning of Always series and serves as an extended epilogue to the first book, Halo. As a result, this story builds on Victor and Oliver’s journey and you are going to want to be familiar with their book to really enjoy this one. The story is a short novel, so it stands as a full book on its own, but it is also very much an extension of Halo. The book has much of the same tone as the first story, with this warmth and love and just a pure adoration these men have for one another. I appreciated that Lindsey didn’t try to shake things up for the men here. Yes, they do run into some issues along the way, but nothing that ever tests their love for or commitment to one another, or pose any risk to the wedding. But the story does show that while both men have come a long way, they each still have trouble fully trusting that they are worthy of the love and affection from their partner and there is just a tiny bit of anxiety they each have to work through. I just love Oliver and Victor together and this story is just sexy and yummy and there is so much happiness here for the two of them.

The focus here is pretty tight on Victor and Oliver, but we do get some cameos from their best friends, Emil and Renzo. We also see Oliver spending time with Juno and Miles, his friends from growing up in foster care. We get some nice moments for Oliver as we see how far he has come from this scared and neglected child to the man he is now. Both Juno and Miles are going through some things and Oliver and Victor can’t help but be worried about them. Lindsey notes at the end of the book that both men are getting their own stories, so this serves as a nice connection point to their books and I am really looking forward to reading more about them.

I absolutely loved Halo and so I was thrilled for a chance to reconnect with Victor and Oliver. Fans of their story are surely going to want to following along with these men and see how happy they are together and watch their journey down the aisle.

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