Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Ollie has worked hard to make something of his life. He’s no longer the invisible kid he was in high school. He’s lost weight, learned makeup techniques, and now has a large following on social media. Fewer calories and not falling for straight men are his golden rules. Olllie’s close with his family, but he needs his space, especially during meals, and he is excited to move to his new place. There, he can stick to his rules while trying to outpace the constant anxiety that plagues him.

Finn knows he spends too much time alone. It’s not his choice and it makes him unhappy. His best friend, Owen, has found love, and while Finn is happy for Owen, it makes his own situation more difficult. Finn has never been attracted to men before, and his attraction to Ollie rocks him to his core. Ollie is sunshine and warmth and everything that Finn wants, until Finn comes up against Ollie’s rule about dating.

The men run into each other again and again and Finn works for his chance with Ollie. But Ollie has secrets and restrictions and he will have to accept help to break the cycle and be able to reach for his chance at love.

Ravenous is the second book in the Pointe of Love series and with the first book, Addicted, being released a year ago, it took me a little while to get reacquainted with this world. The book mostly stands alone, although Owen and Liam from the first story do play a role here. The book touches on some difficult subject matters, such as eating disorders and anxiety, so read with care if those are considerations for you.

From the outside, it looks like Ollie is in a good place, but inside he’s barely holding it together. He’s restricting his food more and more over the course of the book and he has ways to hide his actions. It was easy to walk alongside Ollie and feel what he was feeling. When Ollie meets Finn, Finn quiets the noise in Ollie’s head and Ollie brings so many things that Finn didn’t know he was missing. Finn does do some internal searching when he’s attracted to Ollie, but he’s fine being, as he calls it, “Olliesexual.” The men have great overall chemistry; it’s not just sexual chemistry, but also their chemistry of just wanting to be near each other as life is better when they are together. But Ollie has been burned before and he has no intention of being Finn’s experiment.

There was a lot more to the story besides what I’ve described. I felt toward the end of the book there was too much additional drama that was added on that detracted from the story more than added. The book is over 400 pages and it went it too many additional storylines and a reveal that didn’t ultimately work for me. I did like the core story of Ollie and Finn finding their balance and happiness and, with the next book set up, I would return to this world again.