Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Travis McKinney likes to be noticed. He’s attractive, wealthy, and confident, and he knows it. Travis likes to flirt and likes to have a warm bed. Everyone likes him. Well, everyone except his stepbrother Caleb. Travis and Caleb were the best of friends until a massive falling out had them not speaking to each other. Their rivalry has become legendary and nothing good happens when they are in the same room together.

Caleb is quieter than Travis and has always dated women. But the chemistry between him and Travis caught fire and now they are the only two that know the reason for their rivalry. It works most of the time, as the guys each keep to their part of the city, but secretly they each miss their best friend. The men do need to see each other once a month for family dinner and now they are mandated to see a lot more of each other. Things are about to get even more complicated.

This fifth book in the Park Avenue Princes series brings us Travis and Caleb’s story. I have enjoyed reading these books in order, as the group of characters appears from one book to the next. But the main part of Travis and Caleb’s story is shown here and you could start with this book if you wanted to do that.

This was a good addition to the series, as we get the story of why Travis and Caleb despised each other after having been the best of friends. It was nothing shocking, involving typical teenage lack of communication. The guys gravitated towards each other when Travis’ mother and Caleb’s father got married. Travis knew he was attracted to Caleb, but Caleb needed more time to sort himself out. Neither guy ever got over the loss of their best friend and Travis consoled himself with as many one night stands as he could find. But now that he’s spending more time with Caleb again, nothing and no one else seems right.

The entire group of friends knows all about their rivalry, as Caleb distanced himself from the entire group, but no one knows the reason why. There was a lot of bluster to cover up their wounds, but these guys truly hurt each other and, as time went on, they became so stuck in their ways and had no idea how to not only move past it, but to make any of it better.

The blurb seems attempting to shock with the reveal that they are stepbrothers, but they started living together in their teens and stepbrother romances don’t shock me. It’s easy to see how Travis and Caleb fit together and it was fun watching them explore their chemistry together as another Park Avenue Prince finds their HEA.