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The Necromancer’s War is the 7th book in Sheena Jolie’s amazing Beacon Hill Sorcerer series. This series features a growing found family and a connected storyline and readers will want to be familiar with past books to get maximum enjoyment here. We also got a big reveal at the end of book 6, Love Springs Eternal, and this book and my review will spoil that reveal. I can’t recommend this series highly enough, so I suggest starting at the beginning if you are interested in these fantastic books.

Angel and his extended family have just finished celebrating Rory and Daniel’s wedding when a car chase ends right at their doorstep. Angel is beyond shocked when a car crashes and out walks Ignacio Salvatore, Angel’s great-great-grandfather; Ignacio’s vampire mate, Ashwin Metcalfe; and their pre-teen necromancer son, Leandro. Not only has Ignacio been long presumed dead, but the car that is chasing them holds members of the High Council of Sorcery who are trying to capture the trio. Angel and the others immediately give Ignacio and his family sanctuary, but Angel and Isaac are furious that Ignacio never told them he was alive, even after they lost the rest of their family in the Blood Wars.

However, family conflicts turn out to be the least of their problems. The High Council has descended on Boston and seems to have their sights set on Angel and his extended family. Between trying to have Angel arrested, kidnappings, and outright attempted murder, it is clear that no one is safe. As a rare necromancer and one of the most powerful sorcerers around, Angel has always been a sought after prize for those up to no good. But with Angel’s new apprentice, a pair of high fae, a young necromancer, and a powerful mate bond, Angel and his family have a lot to entice a High Council desperate to grab all the power that they can. It is clear that they have come for war. Now it will take Angel, Simeon, and the rest of their family fighting with all they have if they are going to stay alive and out of the Council’s clutches.

The Necromancer’s War opens just after the exciting climax and reveal at the end of Love Springs Eternal and jumps us right into the action. While Angel and Simeon remain the heart of the series, this story is very much an ensemble event and we get POV chapters from many of the characters, including Eroch. In addition to our three primary couples (Angel and Simeon, Constantine and Isaac, and Rory and Daniel), the story also features Rory’s twin, Cian; Ignacio, Ashwyn, and Leandro; Angel’s new apprentice, Rael, and his mate, Jameson; Angel’s partner, Milly; and a vampire/fae couple, Remi and Celyn, who we met in Blood Omen. I love found family stories, and adore this series, so I was thrilled to get all these folks together in one book working toward one goal in stopping the High Council. While lots of folks have appeared as side characters in various books, here it is really an ensemble cast, and so it really feels like a big group reunion and I was all here for it. I loved seeing everyone interact with one another and watching each of their different skills and strengths come into play as they work together to solve the conflict.

I will say, again, that you really need to be familiar with this series to read this book because otherwise I think you will be lost with all these characters. Honestly, even having read all the books, there were times when I had to stop and reorient myself as to who was who out of the more minor characters, and what their various abilities were. Also, aside from being a huge cast, many of these folks have similar sounding names. For example, there is a Remi, a Rory, and a Rael. We also have Cian and Ceyln, both of whom are fae. So it did take a bit of concentration at times to keep track of this crew, but I loved every minute of spending time with them all.

The story starts with a bang as Angel’s long-presumed dead family shows up, and then settles as they begin to put the pieces together as to what the High Council wants and why. There are incidents along the way that both threaten the group and also make it clear what is really going on. We also spend time with the various couples and get some slice of life scenes, like Cian teaching Eroch to hunt, or Simeon and Constantine facing issues at the Tower. I enjoyed the mix of action and getting to spend down time with the characters, though I did wish for a little more focus on the action in this longer book. That said, the culminating battle is exciting and well choreographed and it was so much fun to see everyone contribute.

This story ties up some threads, but does leave openings for the the larger series arc, as well as Cian’s story, which is coming next. It was so much fun to revisit with these characters I adore and a series that I just love. I am so excited for the next installment!

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