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The Two That Got Away is a short novella that is part of the Limitless Love Charity Anthology. The full collection includes stories from authors Sage Abbott, Aurora Crane, Colette Davison, Abrianna Denae, E.M. Denning, Elouise East, MJ Green, J.L. Gribble, Leigh Kenzie, and Michele Notaro. I was specifically offered Crane’s story for review, so that is the one featured here, but you can find the full collection of these polyamorous stories on Amazon.

Keenan Atkins can’t help his desire for his police partner, Drew Webster. The two were dating for a while, but Keenan ended things to avoid complications at work. However, the guys are still very close and their attraction is intense enough that they still have an occasional friends-with-benefits situation between them. When Drew and Keenan are called in to a disturbance at a restaurant, Keenan is shocked to encounter Evan Foley, a former boyfriend he hasn’t seen in years. Keenan had thought his feelings for Evan were behind him, but seeing the man again brings up all those old emotions. And when Evan makes clear he is not over Keenan either, it just makes things even more complicated.

Keenan has never felt he can be a good partner or make a relationship work, so he tends to end things before they get ended for him. But having both Evan and Drew together — and seeing the spark that flares between both men — reminds him how much he cares for both men. When it leads to a hot night between all of them and the chance for more, Keenan must decide if he is willing to move forward with Evan and Drew, or if he is going to once again give up on his chance at love.

The Two That Got Away is an entertaining short story with a lighter and sometimes playful tone. The story opens with Keenan and Drew in their patrol car and we see them bantering, giving us a good sense of their close, friendly relationship. It helps to show their connection quickly, even in this shorter story. When Keenan encounters Evan again, he is thrown off, somewhat in shock seeing this man he once loved — and really still does. I enjoyed the way Drew sort of facilitates the reconnection; where Keenan’s instinct is to avoid Evan, Drew knows all about their past and doesn’t let Keenan hide. Drew ends up taking the lead in getting all three of them together for the night and helps to bridge that gap between Evan and Drew. This is a short story and so Crane wisely doesn’t try to do too much here, but we can clearly see the connection developing among the three of them and a set up for a possible future.

Keenan is our primary POV character and he has a lot of self doubt that has caused him to sabotage relationships, ending them before things could fall apart. I wish we had seen this addressed a little more head on in terms of how he was overcoming that going forward. After ending relationships with both men once already, I wanted to better understand how he had changed or grown so the cycle didn’t keep repeating.

I found this a fun story and Keenan, Drew, and Evan to be an appealing triad. If this one sounds good to you, consider checking out the full Limitless Love Charity Anthology.

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