Today I am so pleased to welcome M.D. Grimm to Joyfully Jay. M.D. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Song of Howls. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Good day lovely readers! I’m M.D. Grimm, and I want to thank you for joining me to promote my newest release, Song of Howls (Sisters of Song 2). This is the second and final book in a duology about two sisters, their adventures, growth, and romances with magical beings. This story is about Alaiya, the younger sister, and her unexpected romance with Talla, a she-wolf alpha. This is my first FF romance, and I really enjoyed writing a very woman-centered story. I’ve spoken before about my concern that there aren’t enough positive depictions of relationships between women, whether that be friendship, romance, mentorship, or all of the above. Due to that, it was a treat that the real movers-and-shakers in this story are three women.

As I was writing this story and redesigning my website, hopping on Instagram, and starting to market more, I couldn’t help but think of my “Author Brand.” What I mean is, what readers think about when they hear an author’s name. Stephen King has a brand. Nora Roberts has a brand. James Patterson and Michael Connelly, and many others have brands. An author is easily marketable if their brand is identifiable. For example, some romance writers focus on monster romances, or MM romances, or small-town romances, etc. My problem? I’d grow bored if I tried to restrict myself. It might work for some people and not others.

So what is my brand?

I guess it boils down to escapism. My tagline is “Escape into Love” and it’s as “simple” as that. With over 40 books under my belt, I acknowledge the power and importance of escaping from the real world. Because let’s face it, the real world is hard, depressing, and exhausting. Romance stories offer HEA that the real world rarely does, which is one of the reasons I am drawn to Romance, another is the characters who are the heart and soul of the story. The plot can be plain but if the characters keep me engaged, then it’s a good story. Without good characters, the story fails.

So fantasy worlds become my sandbox. If I don’t want a real-world problem, I am under no obligation to include it. Racism? Out. Bigotry against LGBTQIA+ folks? Out. There’s plenty of conflict to choose from, and I don’t have to acknowledge what I don’t want to. Contemporary stories are more restrictive because they need to be realistic to the time period. I’m honestly exhausted with the hatred running rampant, and I want to offer a bit of peace.

As Ursula Le Guin said (paraphrasing JRR Tolkien) “The best answer is given by Tolkien, author, critic, and scholar. Yes, he said, fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don’t we consider it his duty to escape? The moneylenders, the knownothings, the authoritarians have us all in prison; if we value the freedom of the mind and soul, if we’re partisans of liberty, then it’s our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can.”

I proudly say that my books are about escaping. Into romance, into adventure, into fantasy or sci-fi or whatever you want. My brand is finding your HEA after a hard road and knowing that you deserve love, friendship, and family. And to that end, if you want two fantasy stories involving two strong, fierce, vulnerable, loving, and nurturing Black women who define their own world, please check out Song of Flames and Song of Howls.

If you want more shifter action, please check out my on-going series “The Shifter Chronicles” (contemporary shifters, linked stories but with a different couple each book), as well as On Wings of Passion and On Wings of Thunder (for more dragon and angel spice!).

If more fantasy is your jam, please consider “The Stones of Power” on-going series, about an angsty, anti-hero mage and his supportive, long-suffering mate. I also have A Priest, a Plague, and a Prophecy, a single title about Elias, an ace temple priest, and Gurrkk, the fierce, cinnamon-role orc who adores him. My trilogy “A Warrior’s Redemption” also packs a punch with action, danger, love, friendship, and a feisty horse that keeps everyone in line (seriously, Brutus is a gem!).

As for current and future projects, I’m still working on the next “The Stones of Power” book, Opal: Master and Puppet, and I’m almost finished with a single title MMF fantasy story. Later this year I hope to write On Wings of Shadow, and a short story collection from the “A Warrior’s Redemption” universe (yes, there will be a story from Brutus’s POV).

Until next time. May dragons guard your dreams,

M.D. Grimm


song of howls coverAs Alaiya reclaims her life, she never intended to capture the heart of a she-wolf.

Alaiya was trained by her parents to be the perfect wife. Due to her beauty, they knew they could entice a wealthy man to wed her and raise their status. She was a trophy, a prize, brought out to entertain like an obedient dog. Their efforts were rewarded when Lord Salazem claimed her to become his next wife, intent on adding her to his harem. But when two mighty dragons and her sister save her, Alaiya is given a new chance at life.

Determined to stand on her own and discover who she truly is, Alaiya has little interest in relationships. Even when she meets the silver-haired Talla, Alaiya pushes down her desire, unwilling to be caged again.

Talla is the alpha of her large wolf pack in the Firestar Mountains and knows Alaiya is her mate. She is entranced by Alaiya’s strength, courage, and loyalty, and is determined to prove herself as a worthy mate. But first she must overcome Alaiya’s barriers, which might prove to be her greatest challenge.

As Alaiya and her sister adjust to their new lives, they must secure their home from those who would take it from them. Including their parents. As Alaiya struggles to stand on her own, she learns that true strength lies in letting others stand beside her.

Series Blurb:

Venya and Alaiya are sisters born to greedy and selfish parents. One is neglected and the other exploited. Despite this–or because of it–they cling to each other, best friends as well as family. They find freedom in the mountain range beyond their city of birth… as well as unexpected chances at love with extraordinary beings.

Forging a new future is never easy, but with their unbreakable bond, and lovers and allies at their side, the impossible just might be attainable.

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MD Grimm bio imageM.D. Grimm has wanted to write stories since second grade (kind of young to make life decisions, but whatever) and nothing has changed since then (well, plenty of things actually, but not that!). Thankfully, she has indulgent parents who let her dream, but also made sure she understood she’d need a steady job to pay the bills (they never let her forget it!).

After graduating from the University of Oregon and majoring in English, (let’s be honest: useless degree, what else was she going to do with it?) she started on her writing career and couldn’t be happier. Working by day and writing by night (or any spare time she can carve out), she enjoys embarking on romantic quests and daring adventures (living vicariously, you could say) and creating characters that always triumph against the villain, (or else what’s the point?) finding their soul mate in the process.


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